How to stay protected with Open Source Security Risks!

Although the threat of ransomware is fairly old, a new malicious avatar – Fairware – is causing grave concerns to organizations around the world. What the program does apart from entering a network and blocking access to sensitive files, it deletes important data too. This can cause repercussions at multiple levels and severely hamper the security and productivity of an organization. As the name suggests, the dangerous software then holds the user ransom in order to return the deleted data back to the company’s server.

How to stay protected with Open Source Security Risks!

At Lyra, we enable solutions for all things Open Source. We’re an IT consultation giant with a special focus on Open Source issue resolution.

Depending on your organization’s security measures, there are two ways that we can help you tackle and avoid this predicament:

  • For a company with insufficient security, a robust data protection system is essential to avoid being at the mercy of Ransomware

Our Open Source Support Services (OSS) provide you with the necessary know-how to assess and implement the best security practices and minimize data vulnerability

  • An organization with existing solutions and necessary capabilities is still useless without skilled manpower or the necessary bandwidth to manage such a system

Our experts are available 24×7 to manage your existing open source security systems

Apart from the above, Lyra can also help you with any and all Open Source support you may require. Better safe than sorry they say; and Lyra is your best bet at keeping your organization safe.

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