Software Configuration Management



Software Configuration Management

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Lyra's Software Configuration management services foster cross-team collaboration by helping your delivery teams build complex products in a more secure and hassle-free manner. Complete with granular permissions and a robust theft detection technology, we enable you to maximize IP protection and security, giving you complete operational control.

Our Software Configuration Management Services include:

  • Configuration Identification - Helping you find the right configurations, configuration items and baselines
  • Configuration Control  - Implementing a standardised and controlled change process with approval/change control
  • Configuration Status Accounting - Reporting all the status of your SDLC development process
  • Configuration Auditing - Ensuring that configurations contain specifying documents, requirements, specifications and user manuals
  • Build management - Managing the process and tools used for builds making use of partner tools
  • Process management - Managing process in the organization's development process cycle
  • Defect/bug tracking - Making sure every defect has traceability back to the original source
  • CI/CD - Manage continuous integration and continuous deployment to make sure the tools pick up the code and deploy it to the server
  • Platform management - Maintain software and hardware that host the system
  • Tool Migration - Proprietary SCM to Open Source migration and vice-versa
  • Teamwork - Facilitate team interactions related to the process

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