Secure Your Applications, Secure Your Success!

Secure Your Applications, Secure Your Success!

Every company wants to bring out the next big application — that game-changing collection of code that will revolutionize the digital market. However, if you’re not careful, your app can be crippled by security threats – hackers, malware & bugs – before it’s even out of the gate! This crucial problem can be solved with one function: robust application security protection.

Simply put, application security refers to the measures taken throughout an application’s life cycle to prevent any vulnerabilities in its code. This includes finding and addressing weaknesses in its software’s design, deployment, and maintenance.

Application Security also covers Open Source code – the foundation of today’s applications. However, since open source enters your application’s code from everywhere, it also leaves it vulnerable to debilitating security threats such as ‘Heartbleed’ and ‘Shellshock.’ Moreover, the Future of Open Source Security Report (2016) indicated that nearly half of all companies surveyed have no formal processes for tracking and managing open source.
Fortunately, Lyra’s OSS services help you shield your system from open source threats by:

  • Searching and Mapping Open Source: Our OSS services scan your entire code base for open source components. Once found, they are then mapped for potential security threats.
  • Detecting and Managing Threats: We then flag any policy violations found in your open source, and track the process of their remediation.
  • Initiating Further Security: Once all policy violations and security threats are dealt with, we continuously monitor your systems for new open source vulnerabilities.

Invest your time and effort in application security, and you will see it pay off in the following ways:

  • Smoother system functionality
  • Better protection from hacks and malware
  • Lesser consumer complaints
  • Greater consumer trust in your application

When it comes to ensuring your application’s long-term success, unchecked threats and vulnerabilities are not an option. Shield your creation from myriad digital threats by partnering with Lyra Infosystems!

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