Open Source Support (OSS) Services

It’s no secret that Open Source Software (OSS) is proven to accelerate time-to-market, eliminate potential security threats, and increase productivity. Lyra being the thought leaders in OSS with over half a decade of expertise in Open Source Support Services (OSSS), we enable fluent Open Source Software adoption at any scale. Lyra's end-to-end Open Source Software and comprehensive services enable quick integration and efficient resolution while ensuring OSS compliance. Our holistic support promises cost-effective, innovative products, accelerated time-to-market, and enhanced security for every Open Source issue imaginable.
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Remote Support Management Services

Lyra's Remote Support Management services offer you the security, integration, and management capabilities your IT and customer support organizations need to increase productivity, improve performance and deliver a superior customer experience. Lyra's RSM solutions provide organizations with extensive capabilities beyond simple screen sharing and control. Lyra RSM lets you support all of your systems over the web, even if they are behind firewalls you don’t control. With only one solution, your users can chat, collaborate, remote control, screen share, set up jump clients, support mobile devices & unattended systems. Our highly skilled team provides training and consultation on latest products and technological advancements with 24/7 customer support – all ensuring you safe and secure Remote Support Management. Lyra helps to extend strategic consultation & specialized services for comprehensive Remote Support development.
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Software Configuration Management Services

Software Excellence is the new competitive advantage! Lyra's Software Configuration management services foster cross-team collaboration by helping your delivery teams build complex products in a more secure and hassle-free manner. Complete with granular permissions and a robust theft detection technology, we enable you to maximize IP protection and security, giving you complete operational control.
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DevOps and ARA Services

Today’s soaring demand for high-performance IT solutions has left businesses with too many issues to address sans the required support to overcome hindrances. DevOps, a dynamic set of software practices, has been earmarked by many as the answer to this growing problem. It is a culture that encourages collaboration and open communication to help enterprises deliver better, more fail-proof software. The key to making all of this a reality though lies in effective deployment – exactly what Lyra specializes in.
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 Case Studies

DevOps & ARA Case study with cover

Open Source Support (OSS) Case Study

How Lyra Infosystems helped Wipro incorporate an Open Source framework Wipro is a globally recognized IT company renowned for its innovative approach towards delivering business value. It is a trusted partner of choice for businesses across the world.
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DevOps and ARA Case Study

The organization in focus is a multinational Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company that primarily develops software used to design and print chips and circuit boards. It also integrates, verifies, and implements complex digital System on Chips (SoC) and provides assistance to develop hardware and software platforms that support end applications.
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10 Benefits of Remote Support Management which Lyra's Customers like

Lyra's Remote Support Management services offer you security, integration, and management capabilities your IT and customer support organizations need to increase productivity, improve performance and deliver a superior customer experience.Are you in search of an robust all-encompassing RSM Solution? Download this infographic to find out 10 benefits of Remote Support Management which Lyra's Customers like
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Better SCM for the Enterprise Developer

Any software's development cycle comes with potentially critical applications; developer distribution, branching models, and coding to name a few. As the leading professional and consulting services company, we at Lyra understand the importance of SCM in development cycles. Explore this info-graphic for some interesting facts and figures.
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Open Source Software Survey

Organizations world over are incorporating Open Source Software (OSS) into their frameworks owing to its collaborative and customizable nature. However, a large number of organizations are oblivious to the security risks that come with poorly-protected OSS - leaving them prone to attacks from malicious parties. We, at Lyra lnfosystems, audited over 50 organizations across various domains on open source application security. This exercise was undertaken in order to confirm the importance of open source in application development and to prove that organizations are not doing enough to keep their open source system secure. Download the info-graphic for interesting numbers.
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Making seamless DevOps adoption a Reality

We find ourselves in an era where business agility is the one indisputable necessity for corporate success. DevOps sets businesses on the path to success by enabling 'Continuous Delivery' without compromising on the need for organizational stability. However, with technical and deployment complexities to take into account, businesses need a partner that can help manage these challenges proficiently - and that's where Lyra steps in. We recently interviewed over 500 app developers across 15 companies to understand their organizational objectives and challenges.Download info-graphic to understand what we discovered.
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