6 Reasons why users choose Lyra’s Access & Remote Support Solution

Your IT team plays a very important role in the day to day operations of your company. With the advancements in technology has forced companies to provide high quality services thereby increasing the expectations of your customers.

If you are a small business, you may not be in the position to hire full-time IT employees in the first place. Plus the usual model of on-site visits not only can get tiresome, but can also become costly and less efficient.This is why a remote technical support services might be the best option for your company.

Secure Access and Remote support is the ability to gain entry to computer network or individual device from an external device.It is most important when it comes to remote technical support for your small business. Nearly any computer problem can be resolved via remote IT support including scanning for malware, installing drivers, upgrading business applications and software, and removing computer viruses.

6 Reasons why users choose Lyra's Access & Remote Support Solution

The core importance of remote support is seeing and controlling the remote devices. With Lyra’s Secure Access and Remote Support solution, you can see your customer’s screen and fully interact with the remote desktop.

Not only that you can troubleshoot issues and fix end systems on or off your corporate network. With robust features like remote control & screen sharing, unattended access, annotations, file sharing, and remote mobile device camera sharing, you can support your end users and their devices as if you were there.

Provide support anytime anywhere via the Lyra’s client, browser based console, or even through the mobile app. Here are 6 Reasons why customers choose Lyra’s Secure Access and Remote Support Solution!

1. #1 Solution built for the Enterprise:

Lyra’s Secure Access and Remote Support solution is Enterprise ready and helps to provide secure access to more businesses with over 1000 employees.That is why, it is the #1 solution for leading enterprises to securely access and support any device or system, anywhere in the world.

2.Most Secure solution:

Most secure companies in the world rely on Lyra’s Secure Access and remote support solution which connects and protects people & technology securely strengthening security at the same time increasing your productivity.

3.More Platforms Support:

Lyra’s Remote support solution works seamlessly across platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. Also supports iOS, Android or mobile camera support and we don’t charge anything extra for that.

4. Integrate easily with any of your systems:

Lyra’s Secure Access and Support solution can easily connect to your service desk, CRM, ITSM solution, password vault and multi- factor solutions

5. More Deployment options:

Lyra offers more buying and deployment options than anyone: be it Appliance, VM, Cloud and more.

6.Trusted by world class companies

Lyra’s Lyra’s Secure Access and Support solution is being used by world class companies(large and small) and more than 8,000 businesses access remote computers and devices every day.

If you are interested to know more about Lyra’s Secure & Remote Support solution drop us a mail at sales@www.lyrainfo.com or contact us at +91 80 4040 8181 | +91 22 6608 9618 | +91 124 420 6939

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