Password management made simple, easy and secure with Lyra

Despite using beneficial IT enablers like the web and clutter breaking software, a majority of organisations are not aware of the pitfalls and security threats they are subject to. The largest of these is the theft of secure passwords and privileged credentials by phishers and hackers. Lyra’s password management services aids companies to manage and administer shared passwords securely for privileged users and IT vendors.

Password management made simple, easy and secure with Lyra

These services enstate a fortified system that detects and eradicates weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the network security of a company. Aside from the provision and implementation of this password vault, Lyra helps you:

  • Combine password management with with Privileged Access Management to improve productivity and auditing
  • Leverage Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to further strengthen the base of an organization’s security
  • Uncover potentially non-compliant credentials in a network and address remediation measures accordingly
  • Manage and rotate privileged account credentials to improve security and compliance

So get started with Lyra today for a secure and easy password management!

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