Pass on your Password Protection to Lyra

Pass on your Password Protection to Lyra

In the ever-evolving world of technology, problems arise and solutions are devised — yet the nagging issue of password protection seems to have found itself a cozy corner and made itself a home, albeit uninvitedly, in the minds of software protection experts.

While passwords bring a host of inconveniences with them, it goes without saying that they provide a vital layer of protection to personal accounts and confidential information. But they are also prone to attacks from a catalog of devastating threats – hackers, phishers, bugs, and viruses being a few. It is estimated that hackers and phishers cost corporates a total of $445 billion every year globally. Doesn’t the notion of communicating through carrier pigeons and handwritten letters suddenly seem appealing now?

But before you resort to medieval forms of information protection in frustration, give us a call. We at Lyra Infosystems deploy password management services that help companies secure, manage, and administer shared passwords for privileged users and IT vendors. We implement fortified systems that detect and eliminate weaknesses and vulnerabilities in any company’s network.

Manage and rotate privileged account credentials
Post-it notes, scraps of paper, or notes on your mobile phone — where do you list your passwords down? With Lyra’s services, save your privileged credentials in a watertight and protected password vault. This beefs up your organization’s defenses against external threats, while also aiding security compliance.

Uncover potentially non-compliant credentials

While, in most cases, it isn’t hard to single out abnormalities that are potentially harmful,password protection is a whole other ball game. It is only with the right tools and services that potentially non-compliant credentials are detected. With the essential prerequisites and a wealth of experience, Lyra is able to effectively locate and address unsafe passwords and security credentials in a network.

Leverage Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

With the advancement of technology and hacking procedures, single-factor authentication is no longer enough to protect your company’s passwords. This is why we offer Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Involving the use of two separate credentials to log in, MFA fortifies security systems and makes it near-impossible for malicious parties to sneakily hack into accounts and networks. With Lyra, your organization can close the door on phishers, viruses, and hackers, while fortifying your security foundations in the process.

Any organization looking to evolve needs a systematic and centralized network and internet security system in place. When you consider the sophistication of hackers and malicious vendors these days, this is an obvious prerequisite. To fight fire with fire, your organization needs an efficient and impenetrable password management system. And we at Lyra believe that our services are best suited to ensure a watertight and secure environment for the safe storage of passwords and credentials in your organization.

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