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Open Source Support (OSS) Services

Overhead costs. Outdated patches. Time to adopt OSS? We are happy to help!

Open Source Software industry saturation is complete; today, 95% of mainstream IT organizations leverage nontrivial open-source software assets within their mission-critical IT portfolios — whether they know it or not.”.

                                                                                     - Gartner Hype Cycle for Open-Source Software, 2016, July 2016

Today, developers are leveraging more than 50% of open source software in their proprietary applications to create things faster, better and cheaper to speed up the time to market and drive innovation.

In such an environment, security vulnerabilities/threats, data breaches & compliance lawsuits are real concerns for organizations. So, businesses need to have full visibility of the code they use. That's where Lyra can help you!


Lyra being the thought leaders in OSS with over half a decade of expertise in Open Source Support Services(OSSS), we enable fluent Open Source Software adoption at any scale.

Lyra's end-to-end Open Source Software and comprehensive services enable quick integration and efficient resolution while ensuring OSS compliance. Our holistic support promises cost-effective, innovative products, accelerated time-to-market, and enhanced security for every Open Source issue imaginable.

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