compliance and security audit

compliance and security audit

Open Source Software industry saturation is complete; today, 95% of mainstream IT organizations leverage non-trivial open source software assets within their mission critical IT portfolios - whether they know it or not.

- Gartner Hyper Cycle for Open-Source Software

Open Source has become truly ubiquitous and used by almost every organization around the globe in some way or the other. Over the past few years the scale of OSS usage has increased exponentially and so has the complexities at the core code level, especially with regards to compliance.

Most organizations get overwhelmed or even at times blindsided by the sheer scale of compliance required to meet the contractual obligations that come with open source components. Many do not even have a policy set in place for open source software license compliance, management, use, and purchases.

So, why is it important to know what Open Source you use?

There are laws established for using open source licenses, but most developers are in the dark. Being aware of the open-source disclosures for a product and if your organization is compliant with the license obligations is important so as to not fall prey to infringement claims or copyright problems.

How do we do it at Lyra?

We integrate with common build tools and provide one of the largest open-source knowledge bases in the industry, with more than 14 million components and support for 25+ languages and 70+ extensions. Our Enterprise solution gives you access to vulnerability data from multiple sources, including NVD and Secunia Research. Lyra’s dedicated audit teams provide you support for baseline audits and due diligence events like mergers and acquisitions. We will help you in setting the foundation for License Compliance, IP protection, and best in class open-source software management.

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How can you benefit from us?

Protection of Intellectual Property

We can help you facilitate protection of corporate intellectual property.

Identify Open Source Component Sources

We will help you identify the origin of open source components in your code and with the help of Bill of Materials.

Reduce your Remediation Cost

Uncovering potential risks and identifying vulnerabilities early in your software development life (shift-left) cycle than doing it post-release.

Identify Pre Audit Concerns

We will help you out with scoping the complete audit job and taking care of SOW and paperwork formalities.

Manage Open Source License Compliance Risk

We will help you manage Open Source Risk by discovering open source components in your proprietary software and their corresponding OS licenses & vulnerabilities to help mitigate the legal and security risks. Most companies today have more open source compliance issues than they are aware of. Work with us to get a complete overview. We’ll show you all evidence of open source in your code.

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