The State of Digital Operations survey shows monitoring tools are important in helping organizations support digital service offerings effectively and to prevent disruptions in a customer's digital experience.

Monitoring plays an inevitable part in any IT infrastructure. Monitoring tools are very important, providing you crucial information which will help you ensure service up time and maintain optimal performance. As the complexity of modern IT landscapes increases, so does the requirements placed on IT monitoring systems.

Network management is a service which makes use of a variety of tools, devices and applications to assist mainly the infra managers, it admins and network managers in the maintenance and monitoring of large-scale computer and telecommunications networks.

The network management tools assist you in simplification, visibility, automation, and integration of the network to reduce the overall operational costs and improve productivity and efficiency. Network management includes a set of functions required for controlling, planning, allocating, deploying, coordinating, and monitoring network resources, including performing functions such as:

  • Gathering network elements
  • Data Storage Alerts & Warnings
  • Analysis and Prediction
  • Configuration and control of network elements
  • Performance and system management
  • Network Planning
  • Configuration Management
  • Fault Management
  • Security Management
  • Performance Management

Network Management System (NMS) typically includes tools for gathering data. Infrastructure teams spend too much time struggling with, increasing system complexity & maintaining the tools that were supposed to make monitoring easier & more reliable. To combat these challenges, your teams need a clear view of infrastructure performance & availability.

When the network increases in size and criticality, so does the need to ensure the network runs effectively. To achieve this, it is necessary not only to know what devices make up the IT infrastructure but also to keep an eye on those devices in terms of availability, health status & performance.

While it is possible to manually monitor IT infrastructure, especially on a small network, it can become quite time consuming and even outrightly impossible in most cases. A well configured monitoring setup will keep track of all the important activities and most importantly alert or send warnings in case of issues. This reduces the burden on system administrators knowing that he/she will be alerted in case if something is broken.

Lyra provides network monitoring services and support for tools like Icinga, Nagios and Prometheus.


  • Get visibility into the availability and performance of your entire infrastructure
  • Easy and cost-efficient to deploy and maintain from us
  • Track machine uptime, outage and usage information so that your operations are healthy
  • 24/7, 365 days a year, top notch support options
  • Decades of Open Source expertise to solve your network monitoring problems.

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