Master Software configuration management with Lyra’s End to End versioning system

Every organization, IT or otherwise, wants to increase productivity and build better products faster, while lowering costs. But, in order to realize these benefits, they need a comprehensive software configuration management solution which provides:

● A repository that stores all assets in a shared facility
● Tracking features for every modification
● Benefits such as quick resolution and faster outputs
● An extensive tool for managing assets, not just codes

Master Software configuration management with Lyra’s End to End versioning system

That’s what you get with Lyra’s software configuration management services – a repeatable and reliable continuous delivery model that helps find and implement the right solution to record changes and recall specific versions when necessary. Enabling a fast, conflict-free collaboration, Lyra’s SCM services is compatible with both traditional development models as well as nimble environments that can produce multiple releases of product every day.

By leveraging Lyra’s SCM services, you can:

  • Version everything: Handle all types of file formats regardless of size
  • Centralize distributed modes: Select an on-premise model that best suits your development needs and manage remote clients easily
  • Leverage task streams: Reduce server load for ‘lightweight’ branches
  • Implement shelving: Shelve the changes made to a task branch to enable reviews and help you switch between tasks more easily
  • Extract advantages of a Continuous Delivery ecosystem:Power automated processes for greater integration without compromising on quality
  • Support global teams: Maintain transparency and enhance process management and security with the replication capabilities
  • Execute massively scalability: Support multiple concurrent users remotely and manage terabytes of data. Ideal for high-volume environments, like running thousands of builds and integration tests a day, thereby accelerating outputs
  • Enjoy hassle-free merging:Leverage greater collaboration on product development due to the merging capabilities, that support both text and binary data

Lyra’s SCM expertise helps teams build complex products in a secure manner. Benefit from our vast experience and superior SCM services to manage your software assets like a pro! We say coz we know !

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