Lyra Infosystems joins forces with ICINGA to facilitate Open Source Monitoring in the Indian sub-continent

Lyra Infosystems joins forces with ICINGA to facilitate Open Source Monitoring in the Indian sub-continent

  • Lyra Infosystems is very happy to announce it’s new partnership with ICINGA – the open source monitoring company.
  • As a Premium Partner, Lyra Infosystems will now offer official Icinga consulting, service, support and training.
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Bangalore, September 10, 2019 – ICINGA expands its market in South and Southeast Asia by partnering with Enterprise Indian Technology Services & IT Consulting opensource company – Lyra Infosystems as a new premium partner.

Lyra Infosystems will offer official Icinga engineering services, consulting, local technical support and ICINGA2 training programs in India and Indo-pacific regions. As a Premium Partner, Lyra Infosystems will act as ICINGA’s extended arm, providing ICINGA’s local customers in India and Singapore with a direct connection to ICINGA itself. The aim of the co-operation between the two companies is a true long-term partnership.

For many years, for the open source monitoring company – ICINGA has built partnerships with different companies around the globe. The connections to its partner companies plays a central role for ICINGA. With this partnership ICINGA aims to bring professional services, support and official Icinga trainings to different parts of Indo-Pacific region. In addition to this partnership, ICINGA currently has various partnerships with companies in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

With more than 12+ years of practical industry experience, Lyra Infosystems has been mainly focused on helping businesses in technology areas like Software Composition Analysis, Open Source Security, Open Source Compliance, Open Source Audits, OSS Support, DevOps/DevSecOps, Remote Support, Privilege Identity & Access Management and Cybersecurity.Visit for more info.

Lyra Infosystems brings a lot of experience in the field of supporting their customers to design, build and maintain infrastructure based on Open Source Software. By adding Icinga to their portfolio, Lyra Infosystems extends their complete stack of multiple solutions.

One tool to inspect and monitor your Entire IT Infrastructure!

Icinga is a simple, highly scalable flexible and easy to use open source (FOSS) network monitoring system (NMS) for Infrastructure Monitoring for big as well as small enterprise networks. With Icinga you can monitor servers, data-centers, cloud and devices more efficiently, with support for both direct monitoring and SNMP. It exhibits excellent capability in delivering alerts and data for connectivity, availability, and general health checks of the infrastructure. Also with additional plugins and custom configuration, Icinga provides reliable database, net-flow, and application monitoring.

About Icinga

ICINGA is an open source monitoring software. With Icinga, it is possible to monitor complete system landscapes right from the hardware, over all current operating systems up to it’s applications. Icinga gives you detailed insight into the current state of environments and sends warnings through different channels. The high-performance DSL allows users to automate tasks and write & maintain their monitoring configuration as code. Visit for more info..

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