Lyra attends Cyber Security & Data Protection India Summit 2018

On 22nd June 2018, Lyra Infosystems attended the Cyber Security & Data Protection India Summit 2018 held at Shangri-La, New Delhi.

India’s growing economy and digitization are a big concern as cyber attackers have now begun focusing on developing countries.India’s cyber security market size is close to about $4 billion, which is expected to grow to $35 billion by 2025. The Govt of India is taking all the necessary steps for Cyber Crime and Data Protection in India.The need to ensure growth of the digital economy at the same time keeping personal data of users secure and protected is of utmost importance.

The data held in every business is valuable, and all organisations are always looking to exploit the information they hold to as much as possible. While the value gained is difficult to determine precisely, many organisations say the data they hold is among their most valuable assets. At the same time many also say it is difficult for them to extract full value from the data they hold. As a consequence, in addition to various legal requirements, most organisations take steps to protect their business data, though often with variable success.

Data Protection refers to the set of privacy laws, policies and procedures that aim to minimize interruption into one’s privacy caused by the collection, storage and dissemination of personal data.

This conference talked about whether there should be more to ‘data protection’ than ‘backup and recovery’ and whether improving information management can help to extract that extra value from corporate information whilst simultaneously improving data protection. This conference was designed to address all maturity levels and delivered the insights, frameworks and best practices across Information Management topics to help take control of organization’s data and dramatically improve business value.

Cyber Security & Data Protection India Summit 2018 aimed to convene the best minds in Cyber-security under one roof to create an interactive milieu for exchange of knowledge and ideas. The event also addressed the emerging and continuing threats to Cyber-security and its changing landscape, as well as responded to increasing risk of security breaches and security governance, application security, cloud based security, Network, Mobile and endpoint security and other cyber risks in the India and abroad.

Conference attendees were mainly thought leaders representing government, Defense, business, and academia. Leaders in the C-suite including CIO’s, CISO’s, CTO’s, CEO’s, CDO’s, COO’s along with risk managers, security architects, data protection officers, head of governance & compliance, policy makers, and others interested in securing the digital world also joined for Cyber Security & Data Protection India Summit 2018. Topics included risk management, GDPR, security intelligence, the privacy debate, data protection challenges, data breaches, and the consequences of inaction.

Lyra Infosystems, Founder and VP, Rohit Sharma, also addressed as a Distinguished Panelist in the panel discussion on the topic “Is Open Source Secure?”

Check out event photos gallery below.

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