Locate and remediate Open Source vulnerabilities with Lyra

Docker containers compress software into smaller file systems containing everything needed to operate said software, such as code, runtime, system tools, and libraries. A boon for IT and corporate sectors, they have greatly accelerated application development and delivery while promoting increased collaboration between developers and system administrators. Additionally, they ensure that software operates with the same efficiency across different OS’s.

Locate and remediate Open Source vulnerabilities with Lyra

While the benefits of Docker containers can’t be denied, they also come with a major security pitfall – loss of visibility and control over operations by the teams that deploy and manage them.

Veterans on all things open source, Lyra Infosystems is equipped with the ideal support tools for Docker container security. Apart from ensuring a watertight framework, our services:

  • Effectively identify and control all open source components
  • Constantly monitor security vulnerabilities
  • Automatically map existing open source to known vulnerabilities
  • Facilitate integration with popular build and CI tools

Lyra’s container security services give your organization all the benefits of Docker containers, without the risks. Implement robust open source with confidence and ease, with the Lyra advantage.

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