Legal Remediation


Legal Remediation

Legal Compliance – an Asset or Liability ?

We at Lyra enable organizations to stay legally compliant by assessing, identifying, and resolving legal issues related to software license usage violations. Our services are designed to shield against potential Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringements. Maximization of operations through extensive consultation and increased productivity are additional benefits organizations can leverage from our legal services.Leverage our skilled legal counsellers to stay safe from legal issues.

Our Legal Remediation Services include:

  • Legal opinion services for compliance by assessing and identifying issues
  • FOSS(Free Open Source Software) awareness and usage training
  • Custom FOSS policy and product re-architecting
  • Trained professionals seeking exceptional permissions from contributors
  • Anonymous license negotiations on behalf of clients and participation/representation in transactional discussions

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Million in savings as a result of Legal Remediation

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