According to Gartner’s research, 50 percent of network operations teams will be required to re architect their network monitoring stack due to the impact of hybrid networking by 2024.

Lyra is the Premier Partner of Icinga in India and the ASEAN region

Icinga is a simple, flexible, easy to use enterprise open source network monitoring platform (NMS) that has the capability to cover most of your monitoring requirements. Icinga is very strong at monitoring servers and services (Windows & Linux), data-centers, storage devices, database servers, virtualization platforms, network, UPS, printer devices, cloud and HTTP services more efficiently, with support for both direct monitoring & SNMP.

It exhibits excellent capability in delivering alerts, warnings, and data for connectivity, availability, and general health checks of the infrastructure. Also with additional plugins and custom configuration, Icinga provides a reliable database, net-flow, and application monitoring. Thanks to Icinga’s scalability and extensibility it can monitor large, complex environments across multiple locations. Icinga monitors availability and performance, gives you simple access to relevant data and raises alerts to keep you in the loop.

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