ICINGA Fundamentals Training

Icinga | Monitoring Infrastructures

If you are somewhat familiar with Icinga’s infrastructure monitoring solution, then this offline training is a MUST attend to brush-up your Icinga monitoring fundamentals! If you are clueless on what Icinga is and what it does, do not worry! We got you covered!

Icinga is a simple, highly scalable, flexible and easy to use open source (FOSS) network monitoring system (NMS) for Infrastructure Monitoring for big as well as small enterprise networks. With Icinga you can monitor servers, data-centers, cloud and devices more efficiently, with support for both direct monitoring and SNMP.

It exhibits excellent capability in delivering alerts and data for connectivity, availability, and general health checks of the infrastructure. Also with additional plug-ins and custom configuration, Icinga provides reliable database, net-flow, and application monitoring.

Lyra Infosystems, an enterprise technology software and solution provider in the Indo-pacific region, has partnered with ICINGA to provide Technical support, Engineering services as well as offer ICING2 training programs.

What is this Training all about?

With this training you will get the basic knowledge to install Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2. This is supported by practical examples and best practices for Icinga 2 DSL monitoring configuration. Other topics include the monitoring of Linux and Windows clients using Icinga 2 agents, as well as setting up notifications and the modulation of business processes. Last but not least, you will receive a brief introduction and graphical configuration to the Icinga Director.

Installation of Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2

  • Introduction into monitoring and the Icinga project
  • Install and configuration of Icinga 2 packages
  • Installation and configuration of Monitoring Plugins
  • Setting up the database for the DB IDO feature
  • Configuration validation and troubleshooting hints
  • Install Icinga Web 2 step by step using the web setup wizard

Configuration basics and best practices

  • Overview of the Icinga 2 configuration language
  • Main configuration, constants and global definitions
  • Icinga Template Library, object and value types
  • Best practices on configuration structure
  • Constants, Templates and Custom Attributes
  • Check commands and plugin integration by example
  • Adding your hosts and applying services based on patterns
  • Alert Notifications and Dependencies for network reachability

Icinga remote clients

  • Classic remote clients by example (NRPE, SSH, SNMP, NSClient++)
  • Icinga 2 Agent as remote node and command execution bridge
  • Troubleshooting & scenario discussion

Graphing Addons

  • Installation of PNP4Nagios
  • Integration with Icinga 2’s PerfdataWriter feature
  • Seamless integration into Icinga Web 2

Who is this training for?

Monitoring users and those who want to become one. If you would like to participate, you should have a solid basic knowledge of Linux and be able to safely navigate the text editor of your choice. The training is aimed especially at Icinga 2 newcomers and all basics are treated both theoretically and practically.

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