Icinga Advanced Training

Lyra Infosystems, an enterprise technology software and solution provider in the Indo-pacific region, has partnered with Icinga to provide Technical support, Engineering Services as well as offer Icinga 2 training programs.

If you have successfully completed the “Icinga Fundamentals Training” and have a strong desire to learn more advanced Icinga 2 concepts, this course is specially designed for you!

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What is this Training all about?

The Icinga Advanced Training course goes into detail the Icinga 2 cluster and its scenarios, – amongst other things the training includes building highly available and distributed monitoring setups. In addition, participants can learn about the creation of Icinga configuration through the web interface with Icinga Director including template creation and connection of external data sources, such as a CMDB.

Other topics are the monitoring of Java applications, integration of Log monitoring and best practices for VMware monitoring. Additionally to the Icinga 2 API, attendees get a deep insight into working with Icinga Web 2 and performance monitoring and metrics with Graphite.

This course you can learn everything necessary to operate larger and more complex environments.

Distributed Monitoring and High Availability

  • Generation of SSL CA and certificates
  • Cluster configuration including a zone model for permissions
  • Cluster health checks and configuration synchronization
  • Master-Checker and High-Availability with a practical example
  • Discuss scenarios and possible design problems

Configuration and API

  • Icinga 2 REST API
  • Web-based configuration with Icinga Director

Database and Java Monitoring

  • Overview of scenarios and check plug-ins
  • Monitoring MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MSSQL databases
  • Installation and Configuration of plugins

Log Monitoring

  • Scenario and plugins overview
  • Plugins by example (e.g. check_logfiles)
  • Centralized solution by practical example (Logstash)

Java Application Monitoring

  • Java Monitoring Extensions (JMX) Overview
  • Jolokia and JMX4Perl by practical example

VMWare Monitoring

  • Available check plug-ins
  • VMWare Perl SDK

Real-time Monitoring with Graphite

  • Add real-time checks to Icinga 2
  • Enabling the GraphiteWriter feature
  • Discussing possible use-case scenarios

Who is this training for?

This course is suitable for all Icinga 2 users who have solid monitoring skills and experience with Icinga 2 in their daily work. If you wish to attend, you should at best have attended our introductory course “Icinga Fundamentals Training ” and have already gained some practical experience with this knowledge. This course builds on Fundamentals education topics and enables you to monitor even complex infrastructures with Icinga 2.

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