GitLab Version 10.4.2 released

Last week, Gitlab released version 10.4 with dynamic application security testing (DAST) functionality for docker containers,in addition to the already available static application security testing (SAST) feature. DAST,SAST for Docker Containers and Browser Performance Testing have also been added as a best practice to Auto DevOps.

GitLab Version 10.4.2 released

They also added capabilities to improve planning, testing, merging requests and of course deployment. In addition to this,the release also included new security testing capabilities and the first iteration of Web IDE, part of product vision to achieve Complete DevOps. Other exciting improvements to Epics, Merge Requests, Geo, Runner, Git LFS, SSH, Monitoring and Auto DevOps.

Today, they have released a patch release to resolve a number of regressions and bugs in the 10.4 release.You can head over to below link to see the bug fixes for Community and Enterprise Editions

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