GitLab 10.6 released with deeper Kubernetes integration

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment are the three main components of Complete DevOps.Complete DevOps is the union of Dev and Ops.If you didn’t know Gitlab already comes with CI/CD functionality but many developers couldn’t use Gitlab CI/CD in parallel with Github. Now that’s possible in the new version of Gitlab i.e Gitlab 10.6.

GitLab CI/CD for GitHub in Version 10.6

GitLab 10.6 released with deeper Kubernetes integration

In the new version of Gitlab, they have added CI/CD integration with GitHub, at the same time ability to integrate CI/CD with other external repos like BitBucket as well. So whom did Gitlab design this functionality for?

Public Open Source Projects

Let us say you have a public open source project hosted on GitHub you can now get free CI/CD on The best part about this feature is Gitlab will offer the Gold tier features for free.While other CI/CD vendors limit you to running a handful of concurrent jobs, gives open source projects hundreds of concurrent jobs with 50,000 free CI pipeline minutes per month.How cool is that!

For Big Enterprises

Gitlab found out from their enterprise customers that their teams often used many different tools. Their teams want to standardize on GitLab for CI/CD but the code is stored in GitLab, GitHub, and many other repos. Now what this feature will do is to allow enterprises to use common CI/CD pipelines across all of their different repos. So the CI/CD for GitHub is a part of Gitlab’s self-hosted Premium plan.

Anyone using

While GitLab was mainly designed to use software configuration management & CI/CD in the same application, Gitlab also understands the appeal of using GitLab CI/CD with GitHub version control. So, for the next year the GitLab CI/CD for GitHub feature will be a part of the Free tier. Which means to say that anyone using GitHub for their personal projects be it the startups to SMBs, can now use GitLab CI/CD for free. Starting at 2000 free CI pipeline minutes per month, you can also add your own runners or upgrade plans to get additional ones.

Gemnasium users

Gitlab acquired Gemnasium few months back.Gitlab also wanted to take care of Gemnasium users and provide them a migration path. Gitlab has already shipped Gemnasium features as part of the built-in security scanning as seen in the previous builds. Now, GitLab CI/CD for GitHub allows Gemnasium customers that were using GitHub + Gemnasium to start using GitLab CI/CD for their security needs without needing to migrate their code. Are you happy?

Kubernetes on GitLab gets deeper integration

GitLab continues to invest in integrating with containerization. In the older release i.e in 10.4, Gitlab released Kubernetes Cluster Integration and GKE Integration to the public.

With this release, it’s easier for users to use Kubernetes along with GitLab. You can now deploy a GitLab Runner to your connected Kubernetes cluster all with a single click. You can also monitor your connected Kubernetes cluster from within GitLab itself. And you can now also see the IP address of an Ingress controller connected to your Kubernetes cluster, yes, that’s right, within GitLab itself!

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