GitLab 11.4 released with Merge Request Reviews,Feature Flags, Git protocol v2 and more!

GitLab announces the release of the latest version i.e GitLab 11.4 which comes with significant updates to help your teams work together more efficiently. Most teams adopting DevOps are mainly focused on shortening cycle time, so improvements that reduce waste and extra work is like a boon towards faster delivery and better business results.

Some of the highlights with GitLab 11.4 include – code reviews are now more efficient with Merge Request Reviews and a file tree for diffs, introducing Feature Flags in alpha stage, Auto DevOps and CI is now more powerful with PostgreSQL migrations and timed incremental rollout. In addition to these, Git is also faster with support for Git protocol v2.

Code review

Merge Request Reviews will reduce the noise from comments on code and merge requests. Batch Comments will let a reviewer add multiple comments on the code or merge requests and then finalize them in one batch. The users/people subscribed to the project can more efficiently keep track of changes.

Having the right people review and approve code changes is a key step to delivering high-quality code. Building on Code Owners from the 11.3 release, GitLab can now suggest who should review and approve a specific merge request based on the CODEOWNERS file. This way, you can quickly and efficiently get changes reviewed and approved. This will also be useful when defining separation of duties and roles on a team, where you want to have defined reviewers for certain parts of the code.

The addition of the file tree view to the merge request makes it easier and faster for reviewers to navigate through multiple changed files and then provide their feedback.

Feature flags

GitLab introduces an Alpha version of Feature Flags, a feature toggle system. Teams can now practice Continuous Delivery by deploying new features to production in small batches, mitigating risk before a full roll-out.

Feature flags in GitLab are like a peek into what will happen in the future. Managing the way you roll out changes from the place you started working on helps you design powerful workflows thereby creating a very short feedback loop and can provide you with insightful data.

Auto DevOps and CI/CD

The latest version also has the ability for all users to take advantage of having Include files in the .gitlab-ci.yml files, moving it from Starter to Core. This will make it easier for all your teams to leverage the best practice and more efficiently manage the CI/CD pipelines.

For a complete list of GitLab 11.4 features, see here.

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