GitLab 11.3 now comes with Maven Repository and Protected Environments support

Few days after GitLab released the security release: 11.2.3, 11.1.6 and 11.0.6, GitLab shipped a new version of their DevOps tool i.e GitLab 11.3. GitLab 11.3 now comes with support for Maven repositories, Code Owners, Protected Environments, and epic forecasting. These features will help to automate controls around environments and code while providing further efficiencies for your Java developers.

Maven Repository

GitLab 11.3 now comes with support for Java projects and developers by building Maven repositories directly into GitLab. This provides Java developers with a secure and standardized way to share version control in Maven libraries thereby saving time by reusing these libraries across other projects. This feature is only available with GitLab Premium.

Code Owners and Protected Environments

GitLab Starter now supports the assignment of Code Owners to files to indicate your appropriate team members who is responsible for the code. This feature will be a base for futures releases that will enforce internal controls at the code level.

Operators can also use Protected Environments to set permissions determining who can deploy code to production environments. This significantly reduces the risk of the wrong person committing something which they shouldn’t have and increases overall security of the environment. This feature is available in GitLab Premium.

Epic forecasting

A new Portfolio Management feature in GitLab Ultimate can automatically forecast an epic’s start and end dates based on the milestone dates of its issues. With this enhancement feature, portfolio managers will be able to compare their planned start and end dates against the work that is scheduled through milestones, gaining visibility into potential slippage in epic delivery. This will enable faster, better decisions on what can be delivered and when plans need to be adjusted.

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