“One vendor-conducted study revealed 96% of codebases examined contained at least some open source, and 40% of those packages contained at least one high-risk vulnerability.

- Gartner Study

During the recent years, Open Source Software (OSS) has gained much precedence and many organizations are rapidly adopting open source to accelerate development, increase agility of software evolution, drive operational effectiveness, reduction in the costs of software development and reduce time-to-market.

OSS is characterised by the public availability of the source code at no cost, under licence terms that oblige any users of the code to keep the code publicly available under those same licence terms. With Free software the source code can be used, copied, enhanced, modified, and redistributed freely, considering the respective license. Free, however, does not necessarily mean “at no cost”. Free software does not require you to pay, but costs for implementation, integrations, support, training, and maintenance still persist.

Open Source Consulting services by Lyra offers cost effective and innovative solutions to solve your complex business problems in terms of open source. Lyra is an Open Source company and with many a decade of Open Source experience, we extend our deep, functional expertise in FOSS software to enable efficient resolution of critical open source issues across any scale.

With our FOSS consultancy services, we will help you develop strategies, policies, and processes for managing OSS, proprietary and third-party code, and prepare for the seamless integration of OSS tools into your organization. With experienced Open Source technology consultants and technology experts at your disposal we deliver customizable and innovative Open Source Development Services to suit customers’ individual business needs.


With a wide variety of Open Source solutions available, it can be a big challenge in selecting the right solution for meeting your custom requirement needs. We offer FOSS Consulting Services in areas related to

  • Evaluations
  • Backporting
  • Deployments
  • Packaging
  • Monitoring
  • Security services
  • Data Migration
  • Patch and Software management
  • Upgrades/Enhancements/Customizations
  • Dedicated On-Site Consulting services
  • Security Vulnerability Patch Management
  • Administration and Operation Support
  • Resolution to Open Source issues and bugs

We are committed to the idea of free software since its incorporation and are one of the few organizations that focus exclusively on services in the Open Source environment. Depending on your requirements we can integrate your Open Source infrastructure into being administered by our operations team or we can provide a dedicated team just for you.

What we do.

Lyra provides professional support & consulting for numerous Open Source projects, that are of crucial or strategic importance in the IT infrastructures of many companies today.

We offer to FOSS Consulting, we deal with

  • FOSS Support
  • FOSS Training
  • Application Development
  • Open Source Vulnerability Management
  • Open Source License Conflicts and Obligations
  • Open Source Tools Support Services
  • Open Source Consulting
  • Software Integration services
  • Collaboration and Remote Working
  • Open Source Network Monitoring & Infra Implementation and Support Services
  • Open Source ERP & CRM including Consultation,Implementation,Development, Customization,Support and Migrations
  • FOSS Compliance, Security Vulnerabilities – Inspection and Mitigation, Training, Open Source Policies, and more.

Thanks to our long term experience with all kinds of open source problems, we can help you analyse your needs, suggest available solutions, help with the decision making process and assist during design and implementation. Our team consists of well experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Leads, Developers.


  • Industry Standard Open Source Development Practices
  • Top Notch Security & Software Compliance Methodologies
  • Wide spectrum of Open Source Portfolios
  • 12+ years of Open Source Experience with more than 60+ Open Source Projects completed

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