Download State of Open Source License Compliance Research Report

Open Source Software (OSS) use is prevalent across industries and becoming increasingly more popular – from financial giants, mega-retailers, and auto manufacturers to services and tech firms. This popularity is supported by the rapid growth of the IoT which is creating large volumes of big data. While the benefits are appealing, businesses can’t forget about the risks involved with using publicly sourced software. It’s important to understand the structural quality of what is used in all applications and products to protect the company, employees, and customers.

But are you aware of how much open source (OS) is used in your business applications and products? Many organizations believe they’ve got a handle and have complete visibility into how and where open source is used. However, this is far from true.

Download State of Open Source License Compliance Research Report

“The State of Open Source License Compliance” is based on research conducted by guys at Flexera’s audit services team. The data collected by them shows that companies are vastly under-reporting use and are still in the dark on the number of vulnerabilities and license compliance issues that exist in their applications. This actually can create serious consequences which can open you up to risks such as costly litigation, negative bottom-line impact, loss of IP and reputation, and missed business opportunities.

Download this report and learn more about what’s currently going on with the state of license compliance, and get actionable steps to correcting your open source management. This data will help organizations like yours better understand Open Source Compliance Risks.

Some of the Highlights from this Research Report include:

  • What companies should be asking about Open Source use?
  • Why it’s important for legal, risk and development teams to stay vigilant regarding open source usage
  • Establishing a formal process for setting policies, training, and tracking open source throughout the entire software development life-cycle
  • How Software Composition Analysis tools can automate your visibility into Open Source Software(OSS), increasing your overall risk management

So why wait! Go ahead and download the State of Open Source License Compliance Report for FREE!

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