Don’t wait for ransomware to hold your organization hostage

Imagine this – you come back home one day to find it broken into and all your valuables were stolen. You have no idea who did it and are even more clueless about how you can get your possessions back. You find a ransom note which says that your valuables will be returned to you, but only for an exorbitant price. What do you do?

Thankfully for you, the probability of this happening outside of a movie is slim to none. However, the same can’t be said about your organization’s confidential information  – ‘ransomware’, as its name suggests, is a malicious program that gains back door access to an organization’s network and holds sensitive information ransom in order to extort money.Don’t wait for ransomware to hold your organization hostage

This newer form of cyber terrorism has been turning heads and it is easy to see why – via ransomware, hackers and malicious parties can wreak havoc in any organization. Over the years, the frequency of ransomware attacks has accelerated drastically and the ransom demands have become increasingly exorbitant. And with every bitcoin payment (considered the standard payment mode for anonymous transactions) made for ransom, hackers have increased incentive to ramp up their technology and techniques – making improper remediation of ransomware a vicious and hazardous cycle.

It couldn’t possibly get any worse than this, could it? Well, it does – Fairware is a newer and even more dangerous type of ransomware. What makes it so? According to CSOONLINE “… the malicious program is not the first ransomware threat to target Linux-based web servers but is the first to delete files.” Apart from holding sensitive information hostage, Fairware deletes files from web servers and demands large sums of money from administrators to return the files – which makes any organization without the right security measures prone to potentially catastrophic data losses.

At Lyra Infosystems, we believe in an all-round approach to ransomware security. While we are experts in ransomware eradication, we are also firm advocates of the solidarity that a watertight security framework can bring to an organization. Depending on your company’s existing security structure, Lyra can help with:

  • Setting up a robust data protection system that protects your organization from ransomware. According to a June 2016 survey from Osterman Research, almost one out of every two participant organizations indicated their mainframe had suffered at least one ransomware attack in the past 12 months. The threat of malicious programs like ransomware is riskier than ever and our Open Source Support Services (OSS) provides you with the required know-how to assess and implement state-of-the-art security. This minimizes vulnerability and will prevent malicious vendors and hackers from holding your own essential data and information ransom.
  • Reinforcing and reviewing existing solutions and security measures taken by your organization and assessing if they need to be fortified. The same Osterman Research mentioned above also concluded that just 4% of subjects from US organizations said they were very confident in their current security’s ability to prevent a future attack. While a lot more than four percent of these organizations did have the required technology to combat ransomware, the infrastructure is useless without the skilled manpower and required bandwidth necessary to manage it efficiently. As a solution to the problem of management and consultation, you can leverage Lyra’s consultation services – second to none, with experts available 24×7 to manage existing open-source security systems.

Aside from the services mentioned above, Lyra can also help your organization with any and all Open Source support it may require. With over a decade of expertise in the field, we are veterans when it comes to Open Source security issues. Prevention is better than cure they say, and the deploying of Lyra’s services ensures state-of-the-art prevention to keep your organization safe.

Deploy Lyra’s services to add that all-important layer of security!

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