The DevOps market size was valued at $2,885 million in 2016, and is projected to reach $9,407 million by 2023.

Over the years, Lyra has helped numerous businesses inculcate a DevOps culture by extending through consultation, deployment, engineering services, integration, implementation, maintenance, and end-to-end support services. Right from version control to developer collaboration to continuous integration to continuous deployment and delivery, Lyra can help you drive your DevOps initiatives forward by uniting teams in their quest for automation and continuous delivery. Our partnership with leading DevOps automation providers enables us to extend seamless DevOps adoption across organizations of varied capacities.

What we can do for you.

Product/Application specific support to develop CI/CD pipelines with using OSS tools including –

  • Implement Git Branching Strategy from Scratch
  • Implement Jenkins Pipeline setup from Scratch with Self Service and Normal Jobs
  • CI/CD Pipeline setup from scratch
  • ElasticSearch like ELK, Kibana and Log Stash
  • Develop multiple plugins in Jenkins (SonarQube, Artifactory, JUnit, Selenium, JMeter, Git etc…)
  • Integrate Docker for Creating Images etc.
  • Offer Ansible for provisioning and deploying
  • Integrations, Support, Deployments and Maintenance

Below are the list of tools we provide support on.

Issue TrackingUse CasesProficiency
Atlassian JiraIssue Boards and TrackingBuilding Use Cases, Requirements & Test case management, agile software development – Installation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades, and Maintenance.
AsanaIssue Boards and TrackingOrganizing and planning work-flows, projects, milestones – Installation, Configuration, Integration.
Microsoft TFS/VSTSIssue Tracking, Version Control, ALM, Repository ManagementAssisting in development & testing using Work Item Management, Project Planning, Version Control, Build/Release (Deployment) – Installation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades, and Maintenance.
AirbrakeApplication Monitoring and TrackingHelp you with a deep analysis of the real errors in the software, and its impact on your users.
BugsnagIssue Monitoring and ReportingHelp you monitor application stability so you can make data-driven decisions on whether you should be building new features, or fixing bugs.
CountersoftIssue Tracking and Project ManagementIssues tracking, help desk ticketing, service desk, capturing requirements project tracking and test management – Installation, Configuration, Integration, and Maintenance.
Fog Creek Software – GlitchCode Review & Project ManagementProject management, code reviews – Installation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
FogBugzIssue Tracking and Project ManagementProject management, Bug and Issue tracking –
RedmineIssue Tracking and Project ManagementProject Management, Issue Tracking, Time tracking – Installation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
Issue BoardsUse CasesProficiency
TrelloIssue Boards, Lists, Project ManagementManaging Projects, task lists – Installation, Configuration, Integration & Maintenance.
BasecampProject ManagementResource planning, long-term scheduling – Setup, Configuration, Integrations & Maintenance.
PodioProject Management & Team CollaborationStructured Workflows, task management, dashboards – Installation, Configuration, Integration & Maintenance.
Zoho ProjectsSaaS based Project ManagementProject Scheduling, Budgeting, tasks & team management – Installation, Configuration, Integration & Maintenance.
Teamwork ProjectsSaaS based Project ManagementProject management, tasks lists, time tracking & team management – Installation, Configuration, Integration & Maintenance.
Portfolio ManagementUse CasesProficiency
Atlassian Jira PortfolioTracking progress, Cross project & Cross-team dependenciesRoad-mapping, Cross project & Cross-team dependencies – Setup, Configuration, Integration & Maintenance.
CA Technologies / RallyPortfolio Management, Agile TransformationsScaling agile development practices – Setup, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
IBM Rational Team ConcertTeam CollaborationPlans, Tasks, Build management – Installation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
HP Application Life-cycle ManagementPortfolio ManagementInstallation,Configuration, Integration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
Source Code ManagementUse CasesProficiency
GitHubSource Code Management, Code SecuritySetup, Configuration, Integrations, Upgrades & Maintenance.
Atlassian BitbucketSource Code ManagementInstallation, Configuration, Integration & Maintenance.
CA Technologies / RallyCode ManagementInstallation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
PerforceVersion Control System, Planning, ALMSetup, Configuration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
MercurialSource Control ManagementInstallation, Configuration, Integration, Optimization & Maintenance.
Subversion aka SVNSource Code ManagementSetup, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
GitLabComplete DevOps Platform including SCMSetting up, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
Code ReviewUse CasesProficiency
Atlassian CrucibleCollaborative Code Review, Code Review AuditsInstallation, Configuration, Integrations, Upgrades & Maintenance.
GerritCode Review ManagementSetup, Configuration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
WikisUse CasesProficiency
Atlassian ConfluenceWikis ManagementSetup and Configuration.
CIUse CasesProficiency
JenkinsContinuous Integration/Continuous DeliveryConfiguring, Integration, Implementation, CI/CD Pipeline Setup from scratch.
Travis CIContinuous IntegrationConfiguration and Implementation, Open Source Testing, and Support.
Atlassian BambooContinuous Integration/Continuous DeliveryInstallation, Configuration, Integrations, Upgrades.
Atlassian BitbucketContinuous Integration/Continuous DeliveryBitbucket Pipelines & Deployments, Setup, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades & Maintenance.
Circle CIContinuous IntegrationInstallation,Integrations, Upgrades & Maintenance.
ContainersUse CasesProficiency
JFrog ArtifactoryBinary Repository, Container Registry, Artifactory ManagementSetup, Installation, Configuration, Integration
Docker HubContainer RegistryInstallation, Setup, and Configuration
Google Cloud Container RegistryContainer RegistryInstallation of containers, configuration
App Performance MonitoringUse CasesProficiency
IcingaNetwork Monitoring, Infra MonitoringInstallation, Configuration, Upgrades, and Maintenance
NagiOSInfra MonitoringInstallation and Configuration
CDUse CasesProficiency
JenkinsContinuous Delivery/DeploymentConfiguring, Integration, Implementation.
PuppetContinuous Delivery/DeploymentInstallation and Configuration.
AnsibleContinuous Delivery/DeploymentInstallation and Configuration, Provisioning, Deploying.
BitBucketContinuous Delivery/DeploymentInstallation and Configuration.
XebiaLabsContinuous Delivery/DeploymentInstallation and Configuration.
CodeshipContinuous Delivery/DeploymentInstallation and Configuration.
Infrastructure ConfigUse CasesProficiency
ChefInfra Compliance and Security, AutomationInstallation, Configuration, Integration.
Apache MavenSoftware Project Management, Build Automation (Java)Installation and Configuration.
GradleBuild AutomationInstallation and Configuration.
Application Security TestingUse CasesProficiency
SonarQubeCode quality inspection, static code analysis, code smells, security vulnerabilitiesInstallation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades and Maintenance.
Flexera FNCIopen source security risk, OS license compliance, security vulnerabilities, tracking open source, open source policies, code scanning, OS audits.Installation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades and Maintenance.
HPE Fortifycode scanning,security vulnerabilities, software risk, secure code, static app sec testingInstallation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades and Maintenance.
BlackDuckOpen source Security, License compliance, SCA, open source risk.Installation, Configuration, Integration, Upgrades and Maintenance.
WhiteSourceopen source security, OS license management, open source components risk,Installation, Configuration.


From small startups to large enterprises, teams using Lyra’s services can realize many benefits, including:

  • Version Control
  • Developer Collaboration
  • Collaborative Code Review
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Repository Management
  • DevOps/SecDevOps/DevSecOps

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