Deliver software faster, better and more conveniently!

Perhaps one of the most troublesome exercises for developers – irrespective of domain – is releasing software updates. In the absence of a sophisticated framework, release processes are both time-consuming and risky. However, with the advent of Continuous Integration (CI) came Continuous Delivery (CD) – which drastically altered the landscape of software release. CD enables reliable and low-risk software releases by leveraging Agile, CI, and DevOps practices. The processes emphasize breaking down large scale software development into smaller chunks, greatly enhancing productivity in the process.

With CD, developers are able to continuously adapt their software as per user feedback and alterations in the market. It also facilitates collaboration between testing, support, development, and operations teams. Owing to increased interaction between all teams involved in the delivery process, Continuous Delivery ensures streamlining of developers’ build, test, and release processes. Cycles that would take weeks or months to complete are now dealt with in a matter of minutes.

Deliver software faster, better and more conveniently!

We at Lyra Infosystems have been at the forefront of productivity enabling, process streamlining, and software implementation services for over a decade. Leveraging Lyra’s Continuous Delivery services will ensure your organization several long and short term benefits. Our services:

  • Promote low-risk releases that can be performed at any time, on demand
  • Achieve faster time-to-market by avoiding large amounts of re-work
  • Facilitate high quality releases at an organizational level via increased visibility, process streamlining, and deployment pipelines
  • Ensure lower organizational costs by implementing the productivity-enabling build, test, and deploy automation process
  • Implement a better product culture as CD enables developers to address and implement feedback regularly

Peer-reviewed research has shown that Continuous Delivery makes releases less painful for development teams, reducing burnout. Moreover, by removing pain-points that are continually associated with delivery, your organization can focus on what matters the most – continuously improving your services for your clients.

Use the Lyra advantage to enable rapid problem-free software delivery! Contact us today!

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