GitLab 13 released with Gitaly Clusters, Epic Hierarchy on Roadmaps, and more!

GitLab has updated its continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform with capabilities spanning from value stream management to cybersecurity in the new release version GitLab 13. With the release of GitLab 13, it continues to build on a single code base which allows the platform to be managed and accessed as an integrated set of applications

GitLab Patch Version 12.10.3 released

GitLab just announced GitLab 12.10.3 for the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. This version resolves a number of regressions and bugs in this month’s GitLab 12.10 release and prior versions. See below what has been changed. GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition Available in GitLab Community, Starter, Premium, and Ultimate: Disable schema dumping after migrations

OpenChain Releases Metrics to Evaluate Source Code Scanning Tools

Recently, OpenChain Project has released a community contribution from Ibrahim Haddad which covers metrics that can be applied to evaluate source code scanning tools. Source code analysis tools, also referred to as Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Tools, are mainly designed to analyze source code and/or compiled versions of code to help find security flaws or

GitLab 12.9 released with Secrets Mgmt, Container Scanning Vulnerability Remediation, Code Quality Reports and more!

GitLab has released new version aka the GitLab 12.9 which will help DevOps leaders achieve higher levels of enhanced security with management of your your keys, tokens and other secrets at the project level via HashiCorp Vault managed application within a Kubernetes cluster. You also get better visibility with customizable value stream analytics and full

GitLab Patch Release 12.8.5 Announced

GitLab just announced version 12.8.5 for GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. This version is a patch release that resolves a number of regressions and bugs in the previous month’s 12.8 release and prior versions. See below what changes have been made. GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition Documentation of logs link in embedded panels

GitLab 12.8 released with Log Explorer, NuGet repository, and Compliance Dashboard

GitLab has released a new version aka the GitLab ver 12.8. This version is here celebrating “one place!” i.e one place for your logs, one place for your Windows packages, and one place for your compliance activity just like GitLab is one place for your entire DevOps lifecycle. New Features in GitLab 12.8 Triage faster

Download Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Software Asset Management Tools 2019

Flexera, the software company that helps organizations realize technology’s power to accelerate their business, announced that, they have been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the "Leaders" quadrant of the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Tools for the second year in a row. Flexera's product in question is Flexnet Manager. Flexera is positioned highest

Download State of Open Source License Compliance Research Report

Open Source Software (OSS) use is prevalent across industries and becoming increasingly more popular – from financial giants, mega-retailers, and auto manufacturers to services and tech firms. This popularity is supported by the rapid growth of the IoT which is creating large volumes of big data. While the benefits are appealing, businesses can’t forget about

GitLab 11.4 released with Merge Request Reviews,Feature Flags, Git protocol v2 and more!

GitLab announces the release of the latest version i.e GitLab 11.4 which comes with significant updates to help your teams work together more efficiently. Most teams adopting DevOps are mainly focused on shortening cycle time, so improvements that reduce waste and extra work is like a boon towards faster delivery and better business results. Some

GitLab 11.3 now comes with Maven Repository and Protected Environments support

Few days after GitLab released the security release: 11.2.3, 11.1.6 and 11.0.6, GitLab shipped a new version of their DevOps tool i.e GitLab 11.3. GitLab 11.3 now comes with support for Maven repositories, Code Owners, Protected Environments, and epic forecasting. These features will help to automate controls around environments and code while providing further efficiencies for

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