Audit-proof your DevOps and ARA with Lyra

The need for reliable automation for DevOps and ARA processes cannot be stated enough – a watertight automation process enables powerful, robust, and bug-free code and services. This ensures trace-ability and consistency for environments, apps, and workflows.Owing to Clause 49 instructions of the Listing Agreement to the Indian Stock Exchange, Indian DevOps and ARA teams too have been implementing compliance and audit measures. This ensures rigorous security and process fidelity. However, if not implemented properly, setting-up of a DevOps and ARA culture comes with its own set of red flags and pitfalls.

Audit-proof your DevOps and ARA with Lyra

A prominent issue faced by organizations with improper DevOps and ARA compliance measures is time-consuming red tape and a lack of adherence requirements. Faulty automation also means error-prone and half-baked processes and haphazard data collection in the event of an audit. How then can your organization ensure the seamless implementation of a DevOps and ARA culture?

Enter Lyra Infosystems – veterans in the field of DevOps and ARA. Not only do we implement a comprehensive DevOps culture, we also ensure compliance measures for audits. Lyra’s services:

  • Map existing workflows and allow entitled users to run processes with optional manual approval gates
  • Implement end-to-end automation, ensuring processes are run in a predictable and transparent manner
  • Give immediate, step-by-step access to the history and flow of any release candidate

With Lyra’s DevOps and ARA compliance services, your organization can rest easy in the event of audits. More than just helping automate internal processes, with our services, your organizational efficiency and productivity also stand to benefit. Incorporate the Lyra advantage to your DevOps and ARA culture and ensure seamless compliance and audits!

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