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Assessment Services by Lyra

Software License Compliance and Software quality: Twin pillars of Audit Credibility

Assessment services by Lyra help organizations implement sustainable business processes that support corporate compliance policies which may include protection of corporate Intellectual Property, Open Source Licensing, Obligation Compliance and Security Vulnerability.

Lyra can help you in:

  • Identify the origin of open source components in your code
  • Discover license source which governs software modification, use, and distribution
  • Facilitate protection of corporate intellectual property
  • Assist in compliance and reporting
  • Identify conflicting licensed software in companies corporate policy

At Lyra, we flex our in-depth industry knowledge to provide comprehensive open source audit reports and ongoing consultation services. We help manage operational risks and reduce support costs via detailed evaluation of software quality.

Our Assessment also helps you complete software projects on-time and under thin budget by:

  • Automatically scanning software contents
  • Identifying open source to create a Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Uncovering potential license risks early in development stage
  • Identifying due diligence concerns prior to code audits
  • Providing 24/7 premium level support on License Compliance and Open Source Security

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