Are you doing enough to keep your organization safe?

Like it or not, it’s happening – cyber criminals are adopting more sophisticated hacking and anonymity methods to bypass previously watertight security. Their success in pilfering funds and invaluable data from organizations is unprecedented. And even if one manages to somehow thwart the threat of hackers, you have to deal with privileged insiders – malicious or compromised vendors – infiltrating and leaking confidential information. Be it privileged insiders or cyber criminals, hacking and phishing have the potential to devastate the assets, security, and reputation of any organization – regardless of operational size and scale. With Lyra’s privileged access and password management services, your organization can:

Are you doing enough to keep your organization safe?

  • Manage, store, and rotate privileged account credentials while uncovering potentially non-compliant credentials
  • Utilize the secure remote access protocol via RDP, SSH, and Telnet, which allows you secure access to most commonly-used applications
  • Regulate privileged insider access by permitting them to manoeuver your organization’s network sans VPN
  • Offer privileged access to business assets and confidential credentials that leverage web-based management consoles for IaaS resources, hypervisors, and network infrastructure
  • Satisfy internal and external compliance requirements with comprehensive audit trails and session forensics
  • Incorporate seamless credential injection to make privileged access even more secure

At Lyra Infosystems, we have over a decade of experience in helping organizations add that extra, all-important layer of online and network security. Experts in privileged access and password management, our services ensure that we are best equipped to help you build a solid security framework for your organization. We assist you in incorporating privileged session management with a secure password vault to ensure that privileged account passwords are protected and are impossible to penetrate by unauthorized individuals.

Use the Lyra RSM advantage and safeguard your organization from cyber criminals!

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