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Open Source License Compliance and Security

Today, developers are leveraging more than 90% of Open Source Software (OSS) in their proprietary applications, and organizations are aware of less than 10% of their Open Source usage. Even though the use of open-source software speeds up a time to market, drives innovations, reduces cost, and revolutionizes the technology world although security vulnerabilities, data breaches, and compliance lawsuits are real concerns. To effectively pre-empt such risks, proactive OSS management is essential. Conducting an audit of the use of OSS code can help companies get a handle on the emerging risk areas.

With the rise of open-source use in software across all industry verticals, the need to track open source components increases exponentially to protect companies from security issues and open source vulnerabilities. Because the majority of software creation includes open source, manual tracking becomes difficult, requiring the need to use automation to scan source code, binaries, and dependencies.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is the process of automating the visibility into open source software (OSS) use for the purpose of risk management, security, and license compliance.

A Software Composition Analysis solution would help companies to manage the compliance and security risks inherent in under-managed Open Source Software (OSS) components.

According to Gartner, by 2022, “50% of organizations will execute at least one DevOps pipeline relying entirely on OSS tools.”

Since the manual process for Open Source Software tracking is complex, and with the increase in the number of possible threats being reported, you need to get ahead of any potential vulnerabilities that could threaten your supply chain.

Software Composition Analysis

An SCA solution allows for the secure risk management of open-source use throughout the software supply chain, allowing the security team and developers to

Create an accurate Bill of Materials (BOM) for your apps:

Bill of Materials will give you the list of components included in applications, the version of the components used, and the license types for each of those components. A BOM helps security professionals and developers to better understand the components used in applications and help them gain insight into potential security and licensing issues.

Discovering and tracking all Open Source:

Open Source Software and license management scanning tools allow companies to detect and uncover all open source used in source code, binaries, containers, build dependencies, subcomponents, and modified and open source components. This is critical as companies factor in extensive software supply chains which may include partners, third party suppliers, and other open-source projects.

Set and enforce policies:

Open Source Software License Compliance is critical at all levels within an organization, from developers up to senior management. SCA highlights the need to set proper open source policies, respond to license compliance and security events, and provide Open Source training and knowledge across the company. Many solutions automate the approval process and set specific usage and remediation guidance.

Enable proactive and continuous monitoring:

To better manage workloads and increase productivity, SCA continues to monitor for security and vulnerability issues and allows users to create actionable alerts for newly discovered vulnerabilities in both current and shipped products.

Seamlessly integrate open source code scanning into your build environment:

Integrate Open Source Security and license scans in your DevOps environment in order to scan code and identify dependencies in the build environment.

Nowadays, SCA tools are becoming a must-have for application security, creating an environment for organizations to discover evidence of OSS code through code scanning, to find vulnerabilities and licensing issues early and reduce remediation costs, and allowing for automated scans to find and fix issues with less effort.

Never Miss Evidence of Open Source Software

Our Enterprise solution enables your teams to manage your open source compliance and security needs with ease. From full software packages to code snippets, our software composition analysis solution can scan your source code, binaries, and dependencies for software vulnerabilities and license compliance issues.

We integrate with common build tools and provide one of the largest open-source knowledge bases in the industry, with more than 14 million components and support for 25+ languages and 70+ extensions. Our Enterprise solution gives you access to vulnerability data from multiple sources, including NVD and Secunia Research. Lyra’s dedicated audit teams provide you support for baseline audits and due diligence events like mergers and acquisitions.

Our Software Composition Analysis solution differentiates itself from other vendors’ products with the ability to deliver on license and IP compliance, enabling companies to find all evidence of an open-source, create a complete bill of materials, and to detect and mitigate license compliance issues in a structured way.

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