Privileged Remote Access

Secure, manage and audit vendor and internal privileged remote access without having a VPN!

Privileged Remote Access (PRA) provides visibility and control over third-party vendor access, as well as internal remote access, enabling organizations to extend access to important assets, but without compromising security. Privileged Remote Access enables security professionals to control, monitor, and manage privileged access to critical systems. PRA eliminates the need for privileged users to remember or share credentials for the systems they need to access. Passwords can be stored in the on-appliance vault. Or you can integrate PRA with our solutions.

Privileged Remote Access Features & Capabilities

Secured Privileged Access Control for Insiders and Vendors: Enforce least privilege by giving users the right level of access. Give legitimate users the access they need to be productive, while keeping attackers out.

  • Monitor Sessions: Control and monitor sessions using standard protocols for RDP, VNC, HTTP/S, and SSH connections.
  • Reduce the Attack Surface: Reduce attacks by consolidating the tracking, approval, and auditing of privileged accounts in one place and by creating a single access pathway.
  • Integrate with Password Management: Inject credentials directly into servers and systems with just one click, so users never need to know or see plain text credentials.
  • Mobile & Web Consoles: Use mobile apps or web-based consoles anytime, anywhere. Make least privilege productive and combat data breaches, without sacrificing security
  • Audit & Compliance: Create audit trails, session forensics, and other reporting features by capturing detailed session data in real-time or post- session review, and provide attestation reports to prove compliance. Satisfy internal and external compliance requirements with comprehensive audit trails and session forensics.

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