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PostgreSQL, as you know, is an open-source relational database management system is one of the oldest and most successful Open Source projects. With the tremendous proliferation of cloud, web, mobile, IoT, or even Big Data applications in the last few years, its popularity has started to gain considerable momentum in recent years. Startups, small to medium enterprises, and even larger organizations are preferring Postgres over expensive vendor databases for its ease-of-use, cross-platform compatibility, and support from cloud vendors like AWS. Over the years, Postgres has become most sought after Open Source DB in the software world and has taken a spot in the leading object-relational database management systems and therefore offers a strong alternative to currently available proprietary database systems.

Since its free and open-source software, it is released under the PostgreSQL License, a liberal Open Source license, similar to the BSD or MIT licenses. Postgres has always been supported by a strong, extremely skilled, and dedicated open-source community. Due to which over the years it has been known for its strong architecture, reliability, data integrity, robust feature set. PostgreSQL is ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) complaint which is nothing but a set of properties required for database transactions. ACID compliance ensures that no amount of data is lost or miscommunicated in case of a failure, even when there are numerous changes made during that single transaction. Postgres runs on almost all the Operating systems.

In order to meet the constantly growing demand for PostgreSQL services, Lyra has a specialist team devoted entirely to PostgreSQL services. Here, our experts guide clients through the lifecycle of their PostgreSQL project.

From the initial consultation to signing off the completed project, Lyra consultants will continue to support you throughout your project’s duration. Support can be administered for migrations, ad hoc operations on request or we can fully implement the entire project.

Postgres Services which you can avail:

  • Deployment
  • Performance analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Migration Assistance
  • Security Assessment
  • Best Practice Advice
  • Performance Tuning, Query Analysis and Optimization
  • Automation Services
  • Monitoring Best Practices Tips & Assistance
  • Backup Best Practices Tips & Assistance
  • Postgres Strategy Consultation
  • Data Migration
  • Postgress Expert Implementation Services

Our PostgreSQL team will provide a comprehensive service for your PostgreSQL instance:

  • High availability
  • Clustering and replication
  • Adapted monitoring environment
  • Developing services and individual workshops and training
  • Code-level support
  • Developer support
  • Troubleshooting, bug fixing, patch management
  • Customized packaging

Our PostgreSQL dedicated support will also provide assistance way beyond any usual standard support. Our team knows the ins and outs of PostgreSQL, even when going down to developer level coding, and we happily support you whenever the need arises.

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