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“Open Source Software industry saturation is complete; today, 95% of mainstream IT organizations leverage nontrivial open-source software assets within their mission-critical IT portfolios — whether they know it or not.”.

– Gartner Hype Cycle for Open-Source Software, 2016, July 2016

Today, developers are leveraging more than 50% of open source software in their proprietary applications to create things faster, better and cheaper to speed up the time to market and drive innovation.

In such an environment, security vulnerabilities/threats, data breaches & compliance lawsuits are real concerns for organizations. So, businesses need to have full visibility of the code they use. That’s where Lyra can help you!
Open Source Support Services

Lyra being the thought leaders in OSS with over half a decade of expertise in Open Source Support Services(OSSS), we enable fluent Open Source Software adoption at any scale.

Lyra’s end-to-end Open Source Software and comprehensive services enable quick integration and efficient resolution while ensuring OSS compliance. Our holistic support and FOSS Consulting promises cost-effective, innovative products, accelerated time-to-market, and enhanced security for every Open Source issue imaginable.

Hiring expensive open source consultants, mining through OSS communities for answers, or even seeking support from multiple service providers can all add up to increased costs, risks and time — possibly defeating your purpose for choosing open source in the first place. And you can’t afford production delays caused by downtime. That’s why you would need a comprehensive and a proven Open Source Support Partner like us to simplify your open source software support.

Whether you are using community editions, commercial products, individual packages or a complex software stack, Lyra can support your entire open source ecosystem. We provide expert guidance and enterprise support for your open source ecosystem.

With many years of Open Source experience we extend our deep, functional expertise in FOSS software to enable efficient resolution of critical open source issues across any scale. We are committed to the idea of free software since our incorporation and we are one of the few organizations that focuses exclusively on services, support and consulting in the Open Source environment. We also consult organizations on which OSS packages could be optimized or best-suited for your specific project.

We also provide professional enterprise support & consulting for numerous Open Source projects, that are of crucial or strategic importance in the IT infrastructures of many companies today. See below the list of Open Source Components we provide support.

Open Source ComponentUse CasesProficiency
ICINGAOpen source network monitoring, servers, IP’s, switches etcSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration, Implementation and Upgrades.
PostGresDatabaseClosed source to Open source PostGres migration, Configuration, Installation, Upgrades & Optimization.
HA ProxyProxy serverInstallation, Configuration, Maintenance, Setup and Upgrades.
ZimbraEmail collaboration platformInstallation, Configuration, Integration and Upgrades.
Apache TomcatApplication ContainerSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration and Upgrades.
Rabbit MQMessage-brokerSupport and Services – Configuring Clusters.
Redhat ManageIQCloud ManagementManaging Containers, Virtual machines, Networks and storage etc.
NagiosOpen source network mentoring, servers, IP’s, switches etcSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration, Implementation and Upgrades
FedoraOSSupport and Services.
UbuntuOSSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration and Upgrades.
CentOSOSSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration and Upgrades.
Prometheus Open Source Monitoring System for Events and AlertsSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration, Implementation and Upgrades
ForemanLife cycle systems ManagementProvisioning, Configuring and Monitoring of physical and virtual servers.
Kill BillBills, PaymentsSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration and Upgrades.
ElasticsearchSearch Analytics EngineConfiguration of ElasticSearch based on user needs
LogstashServer‑side data processingCreating and configuring your pipelines.
KibanaInsights of data into DashboardsIntegrations and Configuring Dashboards.
GitRepository ManagementInstallation, Configuration, Integration, Migration, Managing and Implementing Git Branching Strategy from Scratch.
JenkinsCI/CDInstallation, Configuration, Integration, Configuring Plug-ins and development of plug-ins.
DockerContainer OrchestrationInstallation, Configuration, Maintenance, Deployment on Docker.
KubernetesContainers cluster and container managementCreating Kubernetes Clusters and Configuration.
AnsibleConfiguration managementIntegrating with Open Source Tools and Configuring and deploying applications using Ansible.
Apache HTTP ServerWeb server managementSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration and Upgrades.
MysqlDBSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration, Upgrades and Performance Tuning.
MariaDBDBSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration, Upgrades and Performance Tuning.
JBossWeb server managementSupport and Services – Installation, Configuration and Upgrades.
RedisDatabase and Cluster managementSupport and Services – Installation and Cluster Configuration.

Some of the Open Source Support areas we deal with include

  1. Open Source Compliance
  2. Open Source Security
  3. Open Source Audits
  4. Open Source Software Security Audits
  5. Open Source Governance Policy
  6. Open Source Vulnerability Management

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Open Source Support Services

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