Open Source Monitoring

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Open Source Monitoring

Why is Monitoring Essential?

As the complexity of modern IT landscapes increases, so do the requirements placed on IT monitoring systems. Infrastructure teams spend too much time struggling with, increasing system complexity & maintaining the tools that were supposed to make monitoring easier & more reliable. To combat these challenges, teams need a clear view of infrastructure performance & availability.

When the network increases in size and criticality, so do the need to ensure the network runs effectively. To achieve this, it is necessary not only to know what devices make up the IT infrastructure but also to keep an eye on those devices in terms of availability, health status & performance. While it is possible to manually monitor IT infrastructure, especially on a small network, it can become quite a time consuming and even outrightly impossible in most cases. Monitoring is critical to IT system health and thus to businesses’ bottom line.

Icinga to the Rescue!

One tool to inspect and monitor your entire IT Infrastructure!

Icinga is a simple, highly scalable, flexible, and easy to use open-source network monitoring system (NMS) for Infrastructure Monitoring for big as well as small enterprise networks.

With Icinga, you can monitor servers, data-centers, cloud, and devices more efficiently, with support for both direct monitoring & SNMP. It exhibits excellent capability in delivering alerts, warnings, and data for connectivity, availability, and general health checks of the infrastructure. Also with additional plugins and custom configuration, Icinga provides reliable database, net-flow, and application monitoring.

Lyra Infosystems is the Premier Partner of Icinga.

Open Source Monitoring


Why we recommend Icinga:

  • Multi-threaded design
  • Rule-Based configurations
  • Object-Based design
  • Alerting
  • Security
  • Icinga Director
  • Elastic Search
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Dashboards and graphs
  • Authentication
  • Plugins Support
  • Text, Email, SMS notifications
  • Community Support

Icinga’s user-friendly platform leverages its fully-customizable framework which allows users to utilize an object-based configuration or customize a monitoring code via REST API to monitor infrastructures and applications of any size with an SSL-secured, integrated cluster system.

The software parades unmatched scalability that equips it to monitor multi-faceted, large environments spread across different locations, out-of-the-box. Icinga gives you the power to watch any host and application. Thanks to the multi-threaded design, running thousands of checks happens in seconds.

Not only that Icinga integrates with most of the popular DevOps tools that facilitate its extension to meet various business needs. It offers enterprise-grade solutions that monitor the entire network and network resources, delivers notifications regarding recoveries and errors, and generate performance data for in-depth reporting.

It also supports InfluxDB and Graphite natively, meaning users can directly send data compiled through the monitoring plugins to the 3rd party tools. This, coupled with the enriched metadata information gathered by Icinga provide key insights into the active and historical hosts and services status.

With the Graphite module, it’s easy to setup up graphs for service monitoring threshold levels. Performance graphers, network visualizers, notification managers, etc can be easily added thanks to integrations supported in Icinga 2 backends. Integrations are also available for Puppet, Docker, Chef, Vagrant, Foreman, Grafana, Elastic, and more. Our monitoring specialists can help you integrate Icinga with your DevOps tool of choice. In addition, Icinga features zone and clustering monitoring which deliver high availability at different levels.

Load balancing of checks, notifications and database updates, Configuration, and program-state replication. All autonomous, all in real-time, and all easier than ever before!

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

Language Support

  • English
  • German


  • On-premise

Icinga Services by Lyra Infosystems

  • Icinga Evaluation, Installation, Integrations and Deployment
  • Icinga Consulting
  • Icinga Implementation
  • Icinga Support Contracts
  • Icinga Training

Icinga Consulting by Lyra Infosystems

We at Lyra can help you with your Icinga services, training, consulting, implementation, and support.

  • Overcome complex network monitoring challenges

Our trained Icinga consultants can help you with best-practice implementations, installation and configuration, upgrading and patching, and much more. We have Icinga support engineers dedicated to 24-5 support for Icinga.

  • Open Source Expertise

With Lyra’s strong Open Source expertise its easier to get top Icinga support. We can help you embrace open source technologies so your developers and IT operations teams can build and ship everything faster.

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