Open Source Management

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Empower your organization to properly manage open source software (OSS) and third-party components with ease. Our single integrated solution for open source license compliance and security software tool helps your development, legal, and security teams to reduce open source security risk and manage license compliance with an end-to-end system. Read on what can we help you out with Open Source Management.

It also helps you find security vulnerabilities and re-mediate associated risk while you build your products and during your entire lifecycle. Manage open source license compliance, add automation to your processes, and implement a formal OSS strategy that balances business benefits and risk management.

Open Source Management

What can you get out of the Tool:

  • Create an accurate Bill of Materials for all your applications: Analyze risk quickly with detailed dashboards and reporting.
  • Discover and track all open source: In source code, binaries, containers, build dependencies, sub-components, modified and partial open source components.
  • Deliver flexible analysis — from high level to detailed: Patented scan and analysis flexibility for varying business needs.
  • Set and enforce policies: Automate the approval process, and set usage and remediation guidance.
  • Monitor vulnerabilities proactively and continuously: Actionable alerts for newly discovered vulnerabilities in current and shipped products.
  • Integrate into your build and IT environments: Integrate with build tools, CI/CD and SCM tools, artifact repositories, external repositories or build your own integrations.
  • Make open source scanning part of your agile DevOps lifecycle: Build fast, scan fast, and release more frequently.

Key Features :

  • Ability to discover and track all open-source software.
  • Proactive and continuous monitoring of open source security vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance with open source licenses and obligation management.
  • Automating the review process and enforcing your policies.
  • Seamless integration into your build environment.
  • Flexible scan and analysis profile types.

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