Odoo Services

Lyra Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Open Source Service Provider based out of Bangalore. Credativ India, is a joint venture between Lyra Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. and Credativ Gmbh, Germany which is also an Open Source Service Provider based out of Bangalore. Lyra Infosystems is the holding company of Credativ India.

Credativ/Lyra has been an official Odoo partner for several years now and has delivered numerous Open Source Solutions globally based on Odoo to diverse set of customers from different parts of the world such as India, United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Africa, UAE, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We specialize in delivering holistic ERP and CRM consulting and support services that can be tailored to fit your business needs. Our ERP best practices are specific to your verticals and we provide accurate audits and reviews.

Odoo Services

Odoo is the best management software to run a company.  It offers a range of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes. It comes with a plethora of features like CRM, ERP, website builder, point of sale, e-commerce, billing, accounting, invoicing, expenses, inventory management, product life-cycle management, manufacturing, warehousing, marketing automation, and project management.

Odoo Services

Odoo Services

Odoo is backed by over 2000 developers in 120 countries and is used by 4 million users around the world. It is this community, led by Odoo itself with a new release every 18 months, that contributes to the 4000+ modules and apps available for Odoo and OpenERP. See the video for more info.

What Odoo provides you is, it allows you to start easily with one module to fit a specific need then give you the ability to add additional modules as and when you need them, enabling you to have as big or as small a system as your business requires. As your business grows and develops, Odoo can expand with it, providing efficiency and performance for your company. Odoo comes in two flavors – the open-source – Community version and the Enterprise version supplements the Community edition with more proprietary features and services.

Our team of talented Odoo professionals facilitates effective planning, development, monitoring, customization, training, integration, implementation, and managing of operational processes to meet your strategic business goals. For a detailed list of Odoo module, wise features see  Odoo features .

How can you Gain an advantage by choosing our services?

Along with Odoo, Lyra/Credativ provides enterprise-grade support on a wide range of Open Source Components which includes Postgres, Linux, Python, HA Proxy, Apache, Tomcat, and many more. This leads to the fact that Lyra/Credativ supports everything upon which Odoo runs on. So unlike any other service provider, who has expertise on Odoo and Odoo alone, Lyra/Credativ possesses the additional skill sets which ensure success of your project.

Hiring expensive open-source consultants, mining through OSS communities for answers, or even seeking support from multiple service providers can all add up to increased costs, risks and time — possibly defeating your purpose of choosing open source in the first place. And you can’t afford production delays caused by downtime. That’s why you would need a comprehensive and proven Odoo support partner who also has strong and proven expertise in Open Source components to simplify your open-source software support.

Lyra/Credativ has a comprehensive 24X7 Open Source Support Centre which has professionals with deep expertise on these specific components or technologies. So in case, any of the components around Odoo fail or run into any kind of issue, then we have the best of the industry experts at our disposal. This OSS team of Lyra/Credativ supports some of the biggest organizations worldwide where we provide specific solutions on an array of Open Source components. So you can assess the edge you get when we either customize Odoo for you or maintain your existing Odoo setup.

How do we work?

Lyra/Credativ will provide you with an end to end managed services, which means that, we will be with you throughout the lifecycle of this project. We will help you streamline your processes, help you identify redundant or unwanted or inefficient workflows and replace them with better processes.

We will build the system how you want it. Help you set up the infra, train your team, set up your support process, integrate all your third-party applications, and help your company in transitioning from the legacy to this new system. Odoo won’t be doing it, they will bring in a consultant on a need basis and won’t be taking that extra effort to shape the entire solution for you.

Odoo Services we offer:

Lyra/Credativ provides all kinds of services related to Odoo (for both Community & Enterprise edition) which includes but not limited to –

  • Odoo Setup & Customization of a new Odoo instance
  • Upgrades to existing Odoo Setup
  • Data migration from a legacy or third-party ERP to Odoo
  • Maintenance & Support ( L1, L2, and L3) of your existing setup
  • Custom Odoo Modules Development
  • Odoo Website Development
  • Odoo Business Process Automation
  • Odoo Consulting ( Version 6 to Version 13)
  • Odoo Mobile App Development
  • Odoo Integrations, Implementation, and Training
  • Odoo Dedicated Developer ( Hourly Basis/Support Contracts)
  • Customization of purchased standalone Odoo apps, third party integration, etc.

Industries we have delivered Odoo solutions to –

We have extensive experience working with various industries where we have delivered a solution in Odoo through customization.


  • Sales CRM Customizations
  • Purchase Customizations
  • Inventory Customizations
  • HRMS Automation
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Bill of Materials, Work Orders and Manufacturing Orders Customizations
  • Invoices and Bills Customizations
  • Employee Management
  • Payroll Management
  • FORM 16 Management
  • Employee Loans and Deductions in Salaries
  • Integration with Biometric Systems

Retail Chains & Omni Channel:

  • Multiple Company and Warehouse Setup
  • Omni Channel Retail Management Setup
  • Franchisee model setup along with accounting flow
  • Customising Point of Sale(PoS) Setup
  • Integration with Magento2
  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory Customizations
  • Accounting Customizations
  • Sale & Purchase Management Customizations
  • Products and Barcode Integrations
  • Product Variants and Discounts Customizations

Property & Asset Management:

  • Property Inspection tool
  • Capturing data related to all the areas of property and uploading images of the same
  • Approval Mechanism of inspection wrt Manager and other hierarchy
  • Image compression
  • S3 bucket integration to store Images
  • Native Mobile App Development
  • End to End ERP Implementation and Process Automation


  • International Account Management
  • Multi-Company & Warehouse Setup
  • UK Taxation Integration
  • India Accounting
  • Sales & Invoice Integration
  • Discounting
  • Doctor and Commissions Management
  • Sales Rep, Doctor & Incentive Workflow creation
  • Geo-coding of on-field sales rep

Airline & Catering:

  • Customer Flight Management
  • Aircraft Type, Aircraft Services and PAX count Management
  • Work Orders Management
  • Vendors Management
  • Sales Management
  • Accounting (Multi-Country)
  • Catering Menu Management
  • Recipe Management
  • Station Records
  • Demand Forecast
  • Purchase Customizations
  • Inventory with Multiple Warehouses, Multiple Locations Customizations
  • Customer Contracts Management
  • Invoices and Bills with Multi-Currency Customizations


  • Project Management
  • HRSM Customization
  • Vendor Management


  • Odoo & Magento, WooCommerce Connectivity
  • Mobile App development
  • Sales, Inventory, Purchase& Accounting
  • Discounting

Government PSU:

  • Electricity Board Projects Management
  • Zones, Circles, Feeders Management
  • Indents Management
  • Tenders Automation
  • Service Book Automation
  • Personal Branch Automation(HRMS)
  • Daily Update Management
  • Survey Management
  • Daily Expenses Management
  • Sub-Contracts Management
  • Invoice/Advances of sub-contractors
  • Material Return
  • Inventory Customizations
  • Purchases Customizations

Cleaning & Housekeeping:

  • Creating Contract for Cleaning
  • Updating Sales order and Purchase orders
  • Loan Management
  • Contract/Subscription Management
  • Recurring Invoices


  • Sales CRM Automation
  • HRMS Automation
  • India Accounting
  • Data Migration
  • Seed Manufacturing
  • Inventory Management

Hotel Management:

  • Drag and drop feature for booking a hotel room and changing details
  • Auto Creation and Updation of Sales Orders and Invoice wrt to booking
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Easy Access of all the information on a single form
  • Complete Lead, Sales, Accounting Integration

Education Management:

  • Integration with Moodle
  • Students Management
  • Attendance Management with Biometrics
  • Lesson Plan creation
  • Parent feedback and Interaction board
  • Mobile App
  • Parent Student Notification
  • Payments Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Homework Management

Human Resource Management:

  • Employee Management Customizations
  • HR Approval for Employee Details Modifications
  • Employee Contracts Customizations
  • Manage different Type of Leaves and Expiring them at the End of the Year
  • Indian Payroll Implementations
  • Loan Management
  • FORM 16 Management
  • Deductions based on Loans
  • Employee Referral System
  • Expense Management
  • International Taxation

Travel Management:

  • Fleet Management
  • Vehicle Service Management(job card, spare parts)
  • Vehicle Accident Management
  • Employee International Travel Management
  • Forex Management
  • Integration with Thomas Cook
  • Visa Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Reimbursement and Settlements

Accounts Management:

  • Implementation of Indian Chart of Accounts
  • Indian GST Reports
  • Web-based Accounting Reports
  • Implementation of Taxes based on Indian GST

Restaurant Management:

  • POS Integration
  • Waste Management
  • BoM based Inventory Management
  • Kitchen Management
  • Table and floor Management
  • International Calendar Integration

Odoo Integrations with Third Party:

  • Daypilot JS Scheduler for Calendar view
  • Twilio integration
  • Magento integration
  • S3 bucket integration
  • RDS integration

Few Key Integrations we have built for our Customers

  • SMS Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Building Hybrid Apps
  • Support Desk Modules
  • Point of Sales (POS) Terminal
  • Integration with Websites
  • Integration with Biometric Devices

Team Structure and Project Handling

All Odoo projects are handled by expert project managers who follow strict industry standards recommended by PMI in managing projects. We have had experiences with Odoo users, who have been victims of service providers who do not follow a proper process and in almost such cases their solutions lack proper quality and do not meet the desired requirements.

So to avoid such a scenario, we ensure that everything that passes through our Dev center must pass our quality check. Typical composition of our Odoo projects team would include a Project Manager(PM), Business Analyst(BA), Development team, Testing & QC team. We have a team of over 15+ Odoo developers based out of our Bangalore office comprising a mix of the above.

You will be assured of a team that will be solely working for you and these resources are not going to be shared. You will get direct contact with the developers and have means such a daily huddle, chats, etc. which Odoo won’t be providing. You will have the team who will be there for you during this entire course of the project ensuring that they know every aspect of the requirement along with your specific needs. We can also help in setting up the system with high availability, HA proxy, etc which in this case is very much required for this project.

Post Development Odoo Support

All the post-development support work or any specific support project is handled by our 24X7 Open Source Support Centre (OSS) where customers are provided with direct support contact via email, support portal, and phone, where cases/tickets are handled based on SLAs and CRs, are handled on effort basis. Our 24X7 Open Source support team is 15+ reps strong and eager to help you round the clock.

Unlike any other Odoo service providers, we do not just provide Odoo support, we provide Open Source Support too which means that we support everything which is Open Source in your organization. Odoo will support or customize Odoo, but if a change is required at a Linux, Apache or Tomcat level they won’t be able to provide you with that, but we will support not only Odoo, but Postgres, Linux servers, Apache, Tomcats, and any other open-source tools that you might be using which are not even part of this project. So our support covers like no one and yes we can provide you with 24X7 support, which Odoo will not.

So if you have an existing Odoo setup and want someone to support and manage it for you, then we are right the team to do that. So when you buy Odoo support from us, you take the support coverage for all the open-source components within your organization under one single contract.

Odoo Native App development

Odoo does not do the native app and they will push you to use their hybrid app which does not work very well with highly customized applications. It always requires internet connectivity and does not support external security measures such as OTP, LDAP, etc. Based on our experience with other Odoo customers from different industries, for your customizations to work smoothly we have the expertise to build world-class native apps for you.

What are you waiting for!

Get in touch at sales@lyrainfo.com to know how we can help you with your custom Odoo requirements!

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Lyra office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

“Lyra is prompt and helpful. Their solutions are easy-to-use and implement.”

IT Head, Edelweiss

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Odoo Detailed List of Features

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Odoo Project Management:

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