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GitLab Professional Services offered by Lyra

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What is GitLab?

Lyra’s professional and services team will help you align your people and processes to match your transformation initiative. This team is not only made up of not only GitLab  subject matter experts but seasoned DevOps professionals who have experience in deploying and maintaining both large-scale applications as well as creating and teaching best practices throughout the SDLC. Our experts help weave concurrent DevOps transformations providing direct support to our customer’s strategic business initiatives.

GitLab in 3 mins

Optimize your organization’s adoption of GitLab through our implementation services. We provide the right implementation support to ensure your GitLab installation is resilient and secure.

Implementation Services

  • Installation and configurations of GitLab
  • Best practices for backup, upgrade, design and implementation
  • Upgrade/maintenance planning and execution
  • Successful deployment of Gitlab in High availability/ GEO architecting and setup

Migration Services

In regards to migration services you organization has existing tools and systems and as a part of the migration our services include consulting with your technical staff on the best method to migrate your source code and your entire SDLC to the GitLab platform. Our migration services will facilitate your transition to GitLab by providing a clean dataset to resume operations at once.

This also includes implementing a phase or a replacement approach for the migration depending on the conferral level and plan on adoption. These services will also include importing your projects from github, bitbucket or git or other SVN’s into GitLab. It will also include converting SVM repo to Git or GitLab. We will also help you create a GitLab adoption plan to outline the goals of the migration and the adoption.

  • SVN to GIT
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • BitBucket
  • Jenkins
  • GitLab Core

Integration Services

Our team will work with your technical teams to devise an integration plan for the GitLab implementation. This integration plan considers your existing systems and corporate policies as they pertain to authentication services with LDAP/Active Directory/SAML or SSO. Integrations to Jira, Junit, NUnit, Maven, SonarQube, Ansible, Jmeter, Nagios, ELK, Jenkins or Redmine etc. There will also likely be custom integrations and specialized use cases to address and certainly advice on automating GitLab near the API and webhooks.

  • LDAP/AD/oAuth Services
  • Jira, Jenkins, Redmine, Junit, NUnit, Maven, SonarQube, Ansible, Jmeter, Nagios, ELK etc
  • Specialized Use Cases
  • Automation
  • API, Webhooks

Education and Training

Lyra’s product specialists – technology professionals themselves – are available to train your teams to become efficient in GitLab quickly. Our team offers the main courses for training outlined below as

  • Learning GitLab with Git Basics – commiting, branching and tree strategies etc
  • CI/CD workshop – using GitLab CI/CD with your projects, CI yaml file etc
  • GitLab Admin – Installing, Configuring and Maitaining GitLab instance.

Specialized Training

GitLab enables all stages of the DevOps life-cycle, and we provide specialized training such as CI/CD, version control, metrics, and more listed below.

  • Focus on cycle analytics
  • Drive Business Metrics
  • Specialized Use Cases
  • GitLab flow coaching
How can we help you?

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