DevOps Services and Consulting

Over the years, Lyra has helped numerous businesses inculcate a DevOps culture by extending thorough consultation, deployment, and end-to-end support services.

From version control to developer collaboration to continuous integration to continuous deployment, Lyra can help you drive DevOps initiatives forward by uniting teams in their quest for continuous delivery. From small startups to large enterprises, teams using Lyra’s services can realize many benefits, including:

• Version Control
• Developer Collaboration
• Collaborative Code Review
• Performance and Scalability
• Continuous Integration
• Continuous Deployment
• Continuous Delivery
• Repository Management
• DevOps/SecDevOps/DevSecOps

Our partnership with leading DevOps automation providers enables us to extend seamless DevOps adoption across organizations of varied capacities.

Engineering Services – DevOps

Product/Application specific support to develop CI/CD pipelines with using OSS tools including –

• Implement Git Branching Strategy from Scratch

• Implement Jenkins Pipeline setup from Scratch with Self Service and Normal Jobs

• CI/CD Pipeline setup from scratch

• Elastic Search like ELK, Kibana and Log Stash

• Develop multiple plugins in Jenkins (SonarQube, Artiofactory, JUnit, Selenium, JMeter, Git etc…)

• Integrate Docker for Creating Images etc.

• Offer Ansible for provisioning and deploying

Agile DevOps Support – Open Source Scanning in the DevOps Lifecycle!

Automate the detection and remediation of license compliance & security issues in your DevOps lifecycle.

Now that the age of agile development and DevOps has arrived, you need a roadmap to software development that springs you ahead of your competitors. That strategy should include an automated, end-to-end open source scanning solution that supports the detection of license compliance and security issues during product development, when you build, and for products in production.

Our solution integrates seamlessly into your DevOps environment and gives you confidence that your applications are free from vulnerabilities and security risks, and you’re free of any license compliance issues.

Software Composition Analysis gives your development teams:

• Comprehensive scans as code is developed, moves to testing, and enters production.

• Continuous checks for OSS license compliance issues.

• Workflows that enable you to prevent unwanted license types from entering your code.

• Quick scans for your development teams to detect vulnerabilities related to components in use.

• Deep scans for your build, legal and security teams to find all evidence of open source and enable mitigation before the build or for software that’s in production.

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