With DevOps gaining more traction in many companies and in almost every market, it’s important to stay ahead in terms of the latest security trends in DevOps. With the cyber-attacks taking more precedence over the past decade, security has slowly crept forward in the SDLC life cycle to the point where we’re now hearing the term DevSecOps or SecDevOps in developer circles.

To keep things tidy and help developers manage additional security responsibilities, tools for static and dynamic application security testing (SAST and DAST) have made their way into the fray. DAST is one of the critical tools for successful DevSecOps. This mainly comprises of a set of automated tests and introduces security at the beginning of the software development lifecycle.

DAST is a type of black-box testing, which analyzes your running web applications for known runtime vulnerabilities. Our DevOps DAST tool runs live attacks on a review app during QA, meaning developers can iterate on new apps and updates earlier and faster.

As with SAST, DAST should also auto-run so that the developer doesn’t have to take measures to initiate the test. In other situations, DAST can also be used to continuously monitor live web applications for issues like cross-site scripting or broken authentication flaws. Test results should inform developers of potential vulnerabilities and serve as a catalyst for ongoing updates.

Static and dynamic application security testing are two helpful tools to keep your code secure but don’t just blindly rely on them to handle all of your security needs. It’s still important to do manual code reviews, test high-level behaviors, and functionality, conduct database scanning, and ensure that your whole team is operating with a security-first mindset.

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