Embedded Service Case Study

SMART Warehousing

SMART Warehousing

AI driven using NBIoT with LTE connected RFID Readers

Introduction – RFID

RFID is a widespread remote identification sensing and tracking technology used in Warehouse Management, Manufacturing and Transportation for – 

⦁ Inventory Location, Transition, and Direction
⦁ Overhead Portal – Dock-Doors, Entry/Exit Areas
⦁ Area Monitoring – Staging and Mezzanine Areas, Large Facilities, Shipping Lanes
⦁ Pallet Build and Shipping Verification
⦁ Asset Tracking – Pallets, Containers, Freight, Equipment
⦁ Industrial Automation
⦁ Real-Time Workflow


The Client had a solution to read RFID Tags (UHF RFID reader), however, what they did not have was – 

⦁ A solution to read and access tags remotely
⦁ A solution to know the location of the tags
⦁ The ability to expand its current RFID solution to support different languages, mainly Python.
⦁ The ability to develop and support Full SDK on various platforms from scratch.
⦁ AI/ML support for multiple applications.


We designed the entire end-to-end solution from design, implementation, and test. 

⦁ We designed and implemented a solution to access RFID data remotely. We used Raven LTE modem to connect and access RFID and applications remotely.
⦁ With an LTE modem (via GNSS Port), we implemented the ability to read and embedded tag locations and even fix tag data remotely. 
⦁ We implemented Python CFFI to access and use the C library in Python.
⦁ We expanded its usage with python applications for AI/ML in the future.
⦁ We added support for older/previous versions of Java.  
⦁ Ported the solution to the latest version of Java 1.8 (on ARM) and Linux BSP. 
The platform for Java and C SDK support:

a. SDK: Eclipse Photon v4.8 supports Windows OS, Linux OS, plus Docker for both (Linux and Windows).
b. Application: Plug and play application with remote debugging capability with support for all platforms.
c. Debug Guide: A comprehensive guide to debugging the application remotely using eclipse on RFID Reader.

⦁ We implemented an energy-saving feature for RFID reading using Blob.


The solution was implemented in various applications and deployed across multiple industry verticals such as Logistics & Transportation, Oil and Natural Gas, Medical, Military and Supply Chain Management. 

It is also being used by The National Highways Authority for their toll-gates.

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