Embedded Service Case Study

SMART Dashcam with Advanced ADAS Capability

Introduction: SMART Automotive Dash Cam 

A dashcam or dashboard camera is a recording device typically attached to the interior windscreen of a vehicle and continuously records views & events.
Essentially, a dashcam should be able to capture driving footage, so that if something unexpected happens on the road, users have evidence at their fingertips. A video recording of significant events can also save users from expensive disputes. A SMART Automotive Dash Cam goes even further by leveraging the AI & machine learning technologies, and it brings in safety features typically found in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).


⦁ Police & Insurance – 
⦁ Live Recording (Front/Back Camera)
⦁ Event Detection (gSensor, Theft etc.) 
⦁ Speedometer/GPS speed limit violations etc. 
⦁ Driver Alerts  
⦁ Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
⦁ Ranking / Rewarding (Fleet Management System)


Our client wanted a next-generation SMART Dashcam that offered ADAS services using a cloud-connected platform and advanced AI algorithms.  
Here are some of the unique challenges concerning this project:  

⦁  New HW platform with next-generation Neural co-processor 
⦁ Enabling advanced Connected DashCam & AI service 
⦁ Critical Time to Market pressure: Less than 90 days from design to production. 
⦁ Creating Factory Mode tools for EMS support. 
⦁ Language gap (South Korean customer) & 
⦁ Remote teams (HW, QA, EMS & PM)     


⦁ New HW platform build-up 
a. Custom HW based on HiSilicon Multicore ARM SoC with a propriety OS & Linux OS system
b. Dual Sensor 
c. LCD UI 
d. Connectivity, SD, USB, and 
e. UI Application as per specification
⦁ Enabling advanced features
a. ADAS, Advanced Night Vision 
b. Hyper Lapse (Driving Mode) 
c. Time Lapse (Parking Mode) 
d. Smart Format Free record 
e. Auto-Saver (Heat Protection) 
f. Smart Air Quality Notification (CO2 Sensor) among others

Our Role

We designed the entire end-to-end solution, including implementation, testing, and EMS (Factory) support.


We created an advanced product that was delivered successfully to our customer. We now follow up on projects in different stages of development. 

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