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How Lyra Infosystems helped a Premier Law firm with ERP Implementation!


This client is a leading full-service law firm located in Mumbai, with more than a decade of experience offering high-quality legal advice and services to its customers.

The Challenge

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software takes time and resources to be successfully implemented, without which they are likely to fail. Our client needed ERP solutions to help them manage cases, legal proceedings, legal documents from clients, information on next hearing dates and a system which could help them bill their customers based on proceedings, etc. Here is when our team at Lyra reached out to them as a proven vendor with vast amounts of experience in building high-quality and successful ERP implementations.

The Solution

Lyra Infosystems built a robust solution for their custom needs. This solution is an all-in-one, affordable and intuitive legal practice management software designed for the modern law firms. Our client was able to get the advantage of a complete case management software solution organized with contacts, calendars, cases, documents, time tracking, and billing. In this solution, we also built an integrated client portal and other associate access so that everyone stays informed and connected.

 Key Implementations:

  • Organizing Cases and Matters
  • Tasks Management
  • Proceedings Management
  • Bulk Cases Creation
  • Invoice Generation based on Tasks Completion
  • Consolidated Bill Generation
  • Shared Firm Calendars and Reminders
  • Contact Management
  • Proceedings and Tasks Notifications & Alerts
  • Human Resources Management
  • Timesheet Management and Raising bills based on the Timesheet
  • Document management for each matter
  • Client Portal and Client Tasks management
  • Pending Tasks management
  • Proceedings Missing dates management

 The Impact

After the implementation of the custom solution our client was able to simplify the below tasks:

  • Managing customers, firm employees, associates, arbitrators were super efficient and in one place.
  • Managing case matter details and assignees, associated tasks for that case sheet and cost details related to the case sheet are now readily available.
  • Allocating and managing tasks involved for each case sheet and notifying the relevant person and the associated teams about deadlines were crystal clear.
  • Managing the proceeding details of the case and next proceeding dates for the case was visible for all members of the case. In addition, if the next proceeding date is not yet informed, reminder alerts were implemented for the concerned person about the unscheduled dates.
  • Creation of multiple cases of the same case type for different parties could now be easily implemented without any hassle.
  • Invoicing for completed tasks, hours spent based on the timesheet and expenses involved can be generated instantly.
  • A single consolidated bill creation based on multiple case sheets could be generated easily.

If you have any queries or require ERP solutions for your business, get in touch with us by sending your requirements at We would be happy to help!

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