2018 the year for ‘Open Source’ & ‘DevOps’ – Gitlab Global Dev Report

Gitlab conducted a 1-month survey to over 5,000 software professionals varying from junior developers to experienced software engineers to uncover disparities between developers and their management, and benchmark the state of culture, workflow, and tooling within IT organizations. The survey reveals that unclear direction is a developer’s greatest challenge, IT managers are investing the most in continuous integration and delivery, and nearly all respondents agreed with the importance of open source.

The survey covered a broad set of questions from developers’ opinions on their teams’, ability to collaborate and succeed at work, workflow methodology and tooling.

Let’s move onto some of the findings!

Developer Satisfaction

The survey found out that, the majority of developers are satisfied with the conditions of their workplace, and managers now should focus on improving the planning and testing phases of the development lifecycle.

2018 the year for 'Open Source' & 'DevOps' - Gitlab Global Dev Report


There is a growing demand for DevOps despite the challenges faced by organizations. Adoption is still in early stages, with 23 % identifying DevOps as their development methodology, but this is going to increase with IT management naming it as one of their top three areas for technology investment in 2018.

2018 the year for 'Open Source' & 'DevOps' - Gitlab Global Dev Report

Majority of developers agree that a DevOps workflow saves valuable time during the development process. Teams currently practicing DevOps confirm the productivity gains – managers deploy their code-on-demand (47%) compared to only 39% of developers. They also spend 50 percent or more of their time on new work, report having a clear DevOps culture at rates more than double that of lower-performing teams.

2018 the year for 'Open Source' & 'DevOps' - Gitlab Global Dev Report


Managers are more optimistic about the time savings of practicing DevOps, with 81% agreeing that DevOps saves time in the development process, while only 65% of developers agree. 94% of the respondents also said it’s important for them to work in a collaborative environment.

Visibility and transparency continue to lag with nearly half of developers (42%) reporting unclear direction as their top challenge to getting work done. 60% report automating more of the software development lifecycle as a top priority.

High-performing teams have access to better development tools (82%), spend less time context-switching, and are more likely to work remotely than their lower-performing counterparts. 67% of remote teams say they have visibility into what others are working on compared to 57% of in-office teams.

2018 the year for 'Open Source' & 'DevOps' - Gitlab Global Dev Report

Also, high performing teams are more likely to report to have a strong DevOps culture, resulting in better visibility and collaboration. 41% of remote teams agree they have a well established DevOps culture compared to 34% of in-office teams.

Open Source

Open Source is proving to be critical for software development teams with 92% of all respondents agreeing that open source tools are important to software innovation.75% of the respondents also reported that using open source tools is important to them and 84% said they preferred to use open source over closed or proprietary tools.

Also, 15% of them said all of their team’s development tools are open source and 45% said most of their team’s development tools are Open Source. 60% of the respondents agreed that open source tools are more secure, can improve overall software quality, and streamline the development process.

2018 the year for 'Open Source' & 'DevOps' - Gitlab Global Dev Report

Open source projects like Kubernetes have gained a lot of attention recently with more than 50% report that most of their tools are open source. Developers and managers both gave their views on using Open source tools.

2018 the year for 'Open Source' & 'DevOps' - Gitlab Global Dev Report


2018 the year for 'Open Source' & 'DevOps' - Gitlab Global Dev Report

IT leaders plan to invest the most in continuous integration, delivery, and deployment in 2018 and cite selecting the right technology (39%) as their greatest challenge using technology.

2018 the year for 'Open Source' & 'DevOps' - Gitlab Global Dev Report

Top 3 2018 Technology Investments

Continuous integration emerged as the theme for 2018, with managers expecting to invest the most in CI/CD technology, and nearly half of all respondents (47%) strongly agreeing that practicing continuous integration alleviates blockers in the development process.

Greatest Challenges to getting work done

2018 the year for 'Open Source' & 'DevOps' - Gitlab Global Dev Report

Top 5 most important tools prioritized by developers

  1. Version control system
  2. Text editor/IDE
  3. Chat/collaboration tools
  4. Bug/issue tracker
  5. Continuous integration and delivery

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