Your Open Source Software applications & docker security could be under attack right! Are you prepared?

Lyra attends BFSI Security Summit 2016
January 3, 2017
Lyra attends the Global Intellectual Property Conference (GIPC) 2017
January 19, 2017

Your Open Source Software applications & docker security could be under attack right! Are you prepared?

open source security

Open Source Software (OSS) – the foundation for modern applications and platforms, is perhaps the most important productivity enabler in the sphere of modern security development today.

A unique platform that has risen from OSS adoption is docker containers. By helping compress software fragments into smaller file systems, they accelerate application delivery. However, adoption of docker containers results in a loss of operational control and visibility.

Considering the collaborative and inexpensive nature of OSS, it should come as no surprise that without watertight security measures, it can be a potential vulnerability in your organization’s security armor. This is why, we believe it is essential to adopt a foolproof application security framework. Poorly protected OSS can leave invaluable data at risk from potentially devastating threats like Heartbleed and Shellshock.

And that’s where Lyra Infosystems comes in – industry leaders in all things open source, we are equipped with ideal support tools for rapid implementation of docker container and application security frameworks. Lyra’s services include:

   Automatically identifying and mapping open source throughout the code base

  Constantly monitoring security vulnerabilities

 Stringently flagging policy violations and tracking remediation progress

 Comprehensively enforcing open source use policies

 Rapidly facilitating integration with popular build and CI tools like Jenkins and  TeamCity


Use the Lyra advantage to ensure a seamless Open Source Security system

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