docker containers

February 1, 2018

GitLab Version 10.4.2 released

Last week, Gitlab released version 10.4 with dynamic application security testing (DAST) functionality for docker containers,in addition to the already available static application security testing (SAST) feature. DAST,SAST for Docker Containers and Browser Performance Testing have also been added as […]
January 29, 2018

Locate and remediate Open Source vulnerabilities with Lyra

Docker containers compress software into smaller file systems containing everything needed to operate said software, such as code, runtime, system tools, and libraries. A boon for IT and corporate sectors, they have greatly accelerated application development and delivery while promoting increased collaboration between […]
January 12, 2017

Your Open Source Software applications & docker security could be under attack right! Are you prepared?

Open Source Software (OSS) – the foundation for modern applications and platforms, is perhaps the most important productivity enabler in the sphere of modern security development today. A unique platform that has risen from OSS adoption is docker containers. By […]