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Lyra – Proud Gold Partner for Edgecast by Verizon

edgecast-cdnVerizon Digital Media Services is a division of Verizon. Unlike any traditional CDN provider, Verizon uses the industry-leading technology of SuperPoPs with a total of 100+ PoP’s all over the world, 4 of which have been set up in India. Verizon CDN is built on a network with a speed of 40 TBpS.



Lyra’s CDN Services powered by Edgecast by Verizon:

Lyra has partnered with Edgecast by Verizon, one of the leading and most reliable CDN providers with more than 9+ years in delivering CDN services to companies!


What can EdgeCast CDN offer you?


Embrace the best-in-class open-source technologies and fast-routing IP Anycast technology from EdgeCast for quicker & lightning-fast performance. Improve your site conversions and your search engine rankings at the same time provide your users a delightful user experience.


EdgeCast CDN technology automates network fail-overs seamlessly with the Patented Smart Self-healing network. You do not need to worry about your network going down.The Edge servers perform self-diagnostics and carry out smart self-healing mechanisms without any manual intervention.


With more than 3000+ global interconnections, never worry about your site not able to handle high traffic volume, process transactions etc.


The EdgeCast platform comes with the complete range of enterprise web security products from WAF to DDoS to DNS, to protect your websites against threats from bots, hackers, and phishers.

 Some of its other features include

  • Static caching and dynamic content acceleration (ADN) with fast TLS connection, over a PCI-DSS compliant network
  • Security features, such as DDoS mitigation, Web Application Firewall (WAF), origin cloaking, token authorization and DNSSEC
  • Optimized delivery of video streaming and mobile devices
  • Granular control with the self-service portal, APIs, and Rules Engine
  • Rich reporting and analytics capabilities for complete visibility


How can EdgeCast help your business?


Superior CDN Performance



Verizon’s CDN outperforms other legacy CDN’s in terms of speed and reliability. Third-party performance tests have shown that EdgeCast has faster DNS, faster HTTPS, higher cache hit ratio, faster time to render & faster page load times.

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“A” Grade CDN Security

The EdgeCast platform comes with a complete range of enterprise web security products to protect websites against a wide range of attacks.

Some of its security features include

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Bot mitigation
  • Fast and secure DNS resolutions
  • TLS encryption

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Better ROI


EdgeCast’s service delivery model, combined with the more efficient CDN architecture, translates into better and superior ROI for your business. Achieve a lower total cost of ownership by minimizing non-value-add service costs, improving productivity & lowering cost of services.

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Self-Service Enablement


Verizon’s self-service portal, real-time analytics, and APIs enable high reconfigurability and customization with total visibility empowering you to take greater control of your content without the need for any third party services. Although if you require support, we at Lyra are always happy to help you.

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Lyra’s CDN services to Businesses

Lyra can help you mitigate DDOS attacks as well as attacks on your application layer like SQL Injections, XSS scripting. Lyra can help you improve the application response times by at least 50% & end-user experience thereby increasing mindshare and brand adoption.

Go ahead and choose the plan suiting your business needs!

Lyra CDN Plans

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