CDN Self Service Enablement

Master CDN like a Pro with Self Service tools!

The power lies in your hands!

EdgeCast’s Self-Service portal and APIs enable you to gain real-time analytics, thereby allowing to have complete control & total visibility of your content.

Media Control Center(MCC) for better visibility


Web-based portal enables you to have complete control, lets to configure & customize anything with respect to your CDN Self Service be it creating new CNAMEs, purging content, enabling compression on file types, creating custom actions based on devices and location detection,rewriting URL’s or headers and many more with complete real-time data visibility.

Make better decisions with Analytics and Reporting

Unearth greater insights into your application with analytics to make better and informed decisions.

Real-time data analysis and reporting

Easily Discover user data on bandwidth, the number of connections & hits collected which can be displayed in real time. Rich reporting capabilities provide you insights on cache statuses, cache hit ratio, data transferred and many more.

Customized Reporting through GUI’s or APIs


Configure real-time alerts for custom reporting either by geography, hour, file type, browser, status code, etc. all through an easy-to-use GUI or APIs.

Real-time Log-tracking

Logs are generated in near real time from all over the world and can be stored in your account or exported to an external server. Logs can be customized based on your chosen data mining tools.

Rules Engine

Create sophisticated custom rules like automatically detecting mobile users, redirecting website traffic or even setting the expiration time for your content as per your organization policies with a simple drag-and-drop user-friendly interface.

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