CDN Security

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Edgecast CDN’s Layered defense!

EdgeCast comes with PCI-certified security that protects your website at every stage. It offers world-class bot mitigation to defend against automated threats & bad bots, a highly complex Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your web applications against attacks, robust anti-DDoS defenses to make sure your website always remains online, built-in DNS protection with DNSSEC to prevent injection of fraudulent records & also added protection for your servers to defend against D-T-O attacks.



Powerful and precise Bot mitigation


Edgecast’s built-in bot-mitigation solution helps you to defend against advanced, persistent bots that attack, abuse and exploit your web apps, steal content & harm your customers.

Some of its features include

  • In-line detection
  • Hi-def fingerprinting
  • Known violation community sourcing
  • Machine Learning


  • Protect your web apps by obstructing bad bots
  • Securing your API’s against abuse and other user errors
  • Lower infrastructure cost by eliminating unwanted bot traffic
  • Accurate representation of data free of bad data generated by bots
  • Ensuring a great user experience with fast load times


Enterprise WAF

Protect your web applications with ModSecurity Based Enterprise WAF enabling real-time web application monitoring, logging, and access control.



Highly granular Policy Control

Easily configure WAF policies/rules and tailor your defenses to specific threat profiles.

Prevent and stay protected against attacks

Stay protected against common attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting etc.


Anti- DDoS protection



Automatically detect and mitigate volumetric attacks using cloud based protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) on your website.

Automated DDoS technology

Proactively detect anomalous traffic paterns, automatically identify and mitigate malicious activity with massive capacity to absorb the largest attacks to ensure your website stays always On-line and protected against DDoS.

HTTP Rate Limiting

Protect your website from HTTP flood attacks with highly granular HTTP Rate limiting ensuring control and visibility over your site traffic.

Origin Cloaking

Adds another layer of protection to your origin server even if your other layers of security are bypassed.


Super fast DNS – Resolve DNS Quickly & Securely

Take advantage of Edgecast’s lightning-fast IP Anycast routing and name resolutions to improve your website’s performance, fault tolerance, load balance & scalability against DNS DDoS attacks.



Inbuilt protection against DNS DDoS attacks

Leverage EdgeCast’s massive network capacity to absorb even the largest attacks.

Built using non-BIND software

Stay protected against the most common vulnerabilities to the BIND system.

Support for DNSSEC

Always stay ensured with the validity and authenticity of DNS queries & stay protected against injection of fraudulent records.


TLS Encryption

Accelerate your content with enhanced security without losing performance




HTTPS Support

Send your data securely across the web with native SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security) support, X.509 certificates

OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)

EdgeCast supports OCSP Stapling to enhance security while maintaining fast performance

Token-based authentication

Grant or Deny access to your content from unauthorized users and websites from linking to your content or leveraging your bandwidth with Token Based authentication

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